Nobody puts baby in the corner

Crissy saw on the news this morning that Patrick Swayze died of The Cancer and it made her feel sad to think that he’s gone because along with Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco,

remember him?

Yeeessssssss.  It’s hot in the city tonight, honey!

Patrick was one of Crissy’s first crushes, you know. Oh, and Jon Bon Jovi.  And Kirk Cameron who is now apparently a total fucking freak show.

But what really makes Crissy sad about Patrick Swayze dying is that when he told Crissy the news, Frank Coletta,

ace TV reporter for Turn to 10 News, didn’t even shed a tear.  NOT ONE!  This is a big deal because Frank’s non-verbal commentaries are the best.  THE BEST!  and there wasn’t even a flicker of sadness.

What the fuck Frank?

You could have at least pretended to wipe the tears away.

When something this pretty dies, you mourn bitch.

This is upsetting to Crissy because usually Frank and Crissy are like THIS!

But now Crissy isn’t sure she knows Frank at all and so perhaps today Crissy has lost TWO boyfriends.

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  1. Hub and I saw it on the internets last night. I was so sad. I told him that every girl my age had a crush on him after seeing Dirty Dancing. And then of course, we all had to watch Roadhouse for the peek of his bottom. I know you and Frank have a long history together, but not even getting a catch in your throat when discussing this great loss might be enough to put a little something between you two.

    I’ve heard the same things about Kirk and can no longer covet him from afar. I draw the line at his kind of crazy. Plus, it even ruins the fantasies when you know he wouldn’t even giggle or anything when you suggest the naughty things.

    And finally, I will always love Bon Jovi. Long or short hair, it doesn’t matter. I love him more because of his long marriage and 5 kids – you know, he’s dedicated and loyal and sexy as hell in everything he does. Oh my.

  2. ummm…did you ever notice that Richard Grieco looks sort of like he could be a vampire, circa 1990?

    your love of the blood suckers may have been ingrained in you early.

    just sayin’

  3. Okay—I’m going on record that Patrick Swayze didn’t do it for me. EXCEPT…in that one scene…in his run down cabin…when Baby came to visit, and they danced and got all nudie and stuff………..sexiest scene EVAH……

    Okay…and maybe a LITTLE bit with the potting clay, and Demi Moore.

    BUT NOT AS MUCH AS dancing w/ Baby.

    Maybe I go on too much? NO WAY, JOSE!! HUHUHUHUOOOOOTTTTT.

  4. I like the new artwork. It’s kind of hippy-trippy, but you can pull it off, girl. The butterfly seems a bit less lush-ous than the , don’t you think? I just discovered your and Mister’s blogs and I am so incensed by this whole scene. I think Mister is definitely worthy of hero status, and you are, for better or worse, my new she-ro. I just read that again, and boy does it have a creepy overtone! Well, you should expect this brand of attention when you create such an amusing blog. I thought I didn’t even like blogs.

    On the subject: From the neck up, you must admit that Mr. Swayze had one glorious head of hair.

  5. “incensed” WTF???? I meant inspired/enlightened. Note to self: Don’t use words that you don’t understand; it is humiliating.

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