What the hell got into Kanye West last night? Blame it on the ah-ah-ah-alcohol…

Crissy isn’t really going to talk about Kanye but she just saw it on the news and since Mister is sleeping Crissy has nobody to talk to.  Put down the Henny and step away from the stage, Kanye.


^^^You love the new blog thingy RIGHT????^^^

Queefs love colorful flying things and Crissy knows that and so she had it made for you for Monday as a special treat because Crissy is a Good Queen and she knows you hate Monday.

You’re welcome, Queefies.

Homeslice thinks it’s da bomb! Is that what the kids are saying these days or should Crissy say it’s mad sick, yo instead? Crissy is not in touch with today’s youth much beyond the My Little Pony set so you have to forgive her.

AnyCrissysblogisbetterthanyours, Girlfriend’s first week back at school has brought sickness into Crissy’s house and while Mister partied out in Boston with his little friends last night, Girlfriend’s fever spiked to almost 104 and she kept waking up and crying and having delirious ravings about a trash can with eyes and scary claws that’s coming to get her. And as soon as Crissy would get Girlfriend settled and back in her bed, Homeslice would start because she’s been suffering from The Gas.

Needless to say that Crissy did not get much sleep last night and so if the Queefs expect anything coherent to come out of Crissy today well, Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Also, Mister is sleeping off his par-tay right now while Homeslice sqirms and squiggles on Crissy’s lap whilst she tries to type.


Crissy is feeling thoroughly shat upon and victimized this morning.


Luckily, Crissy has two pictures she’s been meaning to show you and so here:

Lynne left this for her as a present a couple of weeks ago so that Crissy’s twatmato would have a nice friend:

Even twatmatoes need love, you guys.

And apparently, Crissy’s new neighbor is hot.  This is a picture of Crissy’s brother, but Mister spends a good deal of his time doing the same thing because boys are rather stupid and predictable like that.


Crissy’s brother just started reading Crissy’s blog  (What up dog? Where you been, buddy?) and will be rather surprised to see his picture for all the Queefs to see.

So yes.  Crissy is going to go and make sure Girlfriend hasn’t died of scarlet fever and then she’s going to do her workout and get ready for work because Mister is staying home with the sick kid this morning but it’s only just for starters because after the night of hell Crissy had last night,  he owes Crissy BIG.

Like, new Saab big.

Just sayin.

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  1. I’m so glad that you had your new fancy heading thingy up last night so that I got to see it when I showed my hub the pictures from your blog (of the girls) and then linked to Pimp’s blog so that he can see what I think he should do with his pictures (like Pimp, he takes gobs of pics). Whew. Because otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to see your fancy new heading thingy here at work 🙁

    I hope GF feels better soon. And that she doesn’t pass it on to you, Pimp, or HS.

  2. I like the header, but it takes awhile to load on my P.O.S. laptop. Kind of like watching it in slow motion. So what is this new produce’s name because I was kind of assuming the twatmato was just friends with all the cucumbers.

  3. i think the header needs more hidden/subliminal imagery.

    you know, mind control.

    keep in mind the only cost to me for my concert viewing was a $5 beer. i hated buying it, but i was very thirsty.

    i will also have the house all clean for you when you come home!

    .-= Crissy’s Pimp’s last blog post… 9/10 =-.

  4. Aw, dude. I’m so fucking tired this morning.
    When I come home tonight, the house had better be clean AND there had better be a shiny new Saab in the driveway. A white one. With a standard trasmission, leather seats, a sunroof and a stereo that Pat Benatar can’t blow the speakers on. (Sorry. I blew the speakers again. It’s PAT BENATAR’S FAULT. Don’t get mad at ME.)
    .-= crissy’s last blog post… What the hell got into Kanye West last night? Blame it on the ah-ah-ah-alcohol… =-.

  5. obviously i’m going to have to build you a gigantic subwoofer box and put about 2k watts into it to satisfy your sound pressure level demands.

    you just like the way the deep bass vibrations make your crotchals feel. tell me i’m wrong.

  6. I’m just happy Beyonce called Taylor up to finish her acceptance speech. That was brilliant since MTV ushered Taylor off after that hot mess of being interrupted. He could have disagreed in his blog and not harassed that poor girl.

    The header is pretty groovy! I feel kinda high staring at it.
    .-= Akilah Sakai’s last blog post… He Loves Me Despite =-.

  7. Trippy blog thingy. I almost threw up when I first saw it because of all the spinning and motion.
    and I totally saw the Taylor Swift thing… I was OUTRAGED! and still am!
    .-= Natballs’s last blog post… One Month =-.

  8. Pimp – obviously the price was much, much higher than you thought.

    I likie the bright colors! When people are done bathing in melons and rainwater on my blog, they can come over here and get psychedelic mushrooms!

    And why is it that you haven’t given your brother my email address yet? I mean seriously. Hook a girl UP!
    .-= k8’s last blog post… Gotta Learn Shim Sham =-.

  9. shelly: i told him the neighbor was milfy, so he’s peering through a hole in the fence.

    melissa: which model?

    marie: i’d like to get under crissy’s desk at work, but it wouldn’t be for a nap

  10. 1) What the hell got into Kenye West? It wasnt the alcohol, it was the fishsticks….

    2)need pics of milf neighbor…of course unless it was on the SAN…then never mind…

  11. Reading about you building subwoofers reminds me of a dude I dated in college. He had nothing in his trunk but all the speaker crap he built. He had no money because he spent it all on speaker crap in his trunk. So Crissy, if you get those fancy speakers and all, you won’t have to go grocery shopping or lug the kids around. No room in the trunk.

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