The Dick Soap Caption Contest Winners!!!

Oh wow Queefies!

You guys are awesome and Crissy had a very hard time deciding who wrote the best set of captions and she really couldn’t pick just one because they were all so very wonderful and so she chose one Winner and one Almost Winner for each picture instead because everyone did such a nice job and if she could bestow a gift upon all the Queefs she would, really, but Crissy isn’t made of monies and so no.  The Winners get a prize and the Almost Winners get the notoriety and fame that comes with being mentioned by the QOFE on her blog.

So here were Crissy’s favorites:

MsDarkstar : Crissy witnesses another Maidlaundressnannywhore FAIL at the whole “wet nurse” requirement.


Almost winner:  Rhz-  “OMFG. I can NOT believe Mister just told my parents about my excursion at Target for his ‘raincoat’ and now they want to see it so they can get him matching boots.”

Svaha: hmmm? Perhaps there haven’t been any hits on the Craigslist ad for a Maidlaundressnannywhore because the default picture comes off as a little ‘needy


Almost Winner: pmac- Hey, it’s either sexy time or cleaning time… you choose!

RHz: “You see this, Mom? This is what I think about sharing.”


Almost Winner: Helen- Learned something new today!

Trooper Thorn: Years afterwards, Plantro would agree with The Shut-In that this had been the best party the League of Nerdy Superheroes ever had. But the truth was, he had been too drunk to remember anything.

2008-10-31 13-25-21_0007

Almost Winner: Tess- PARTY ASSHOLE

Stoogie: Unfortunately for Crissy and her Queefs, the sunbather to their right chose the precise moment they snapped a peaceful family picture to try on his blue erection Speedos.


Almost Winner: Trooper ThornNo one would think back to the happy photograph at the beach when Wally took a huge dump on the living room floor after everyone had gone to bed.

Shelly: Oh, Christ. Call the Chiropractor!


Almost Winner: Stoogie-For no reason whatsoever, Crissy was asked to leave the department store’s Jacuzzi section only moments later.

And you’re all wondering what marvelous prize is in store for you and so here:

You’re all getting a wonderful vanilla scented Dick Soap.  Crissy expects you to save it and put it in your bathroom for when your mom comes to visit.

Moms love Dick Soap.

Congratulations to the Winners and the Almost Winners and also to everyone else who actually had enough time on their hands to participate in Crissy’s stupid crap.


* The Winner Queefs need to email Crissy ( and give her your mailing address so she can send you your Fabulous Prize. And no.  Crissy will not show up on your doorstep.  Crissy is the stalkee, not the stalker.

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  1. It’s funny… my mom never comes to visit me…so maybe I’d have to bring the soap with me when I visit her. Put it in her nice soap dish. I don’t think she’d ever get over it. (Knowing my luck, she’d not notice and leave it in the guest bathroom til her granddaughter visited…”OH MY GAWD, GRAMMA… YOU HAVE A HUGE WENIS SOAP!!”)
    .-= MsDarkstar’s last blog post… Sunday Coffeehouse Post =-.

  2. A week or two ago I found your site and have been reading along slowly. I felt I could give my first comment. I dont know exactly what to say but that Ive enjoyed reading it. Nice website. I intend to keep coming to this blog frequently. I have also grabbed your RSS feed to get any updates.

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