More tired than you can ever imagine


Crissy is a hot mess this morning.

She did not sleep last night at all and pretty much just gave up trying at about 5:30 this morning and today is her first day back at work and she doesn’t go in until 1:30 and she won’t get out until 8:00 and she’s already dreading going to work after a 12 week vacation and also she’s hallucinating from the sleep deprivation and her entire body hurts from that bitch Jillian Michaels and alla her “don’t phone it in” bullshit and Crissy’s chances of getting a nap before work are, well, hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

And so yes.

It is Monday.

PS: anyone know anything about Plan B?  It’s for a friend and not Crissy who did not have an Accident in the Bedroom last night.

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  1. Tell your “friend” that Plan B is over the counter. You need to use it within 72 hours. I’m not a doctor, but I play one on the internet. Although, really, Ms. Librarian, has 12 weeks of vacay evaporated your Google skills? I think you need to spend the first few weeks back just surfing the net.
    .-= Dingo’s last blog post… Dingo’s Gambit =-.

  2. What Google will not tell you is that taking Plan B is like taking your entire packet of birth control pills at once. Everytime I take it, it’s like Super PMS for a week. Be prepared for some *emotions*, Crissy’s “friend!”

  3. you(r friend) should be able to just head to the drug store and request it from the pharmacy – it’s OTC so no prescription necessary. planned parenthood option may be more discreet, if crissy’s friend is concerned about that 🙂
    .-= alice’s last blog post… eharmony: i am not compatible =-.

  4. I took an earlier version of Plan B years ago, before it was called Plan B. My doctor said it worked real well, and I guess it did. I didn’t have emotional things, but I was very nauseous that first night, I think.

  5. Don’t worry!- you(r friend)will have very little chance of getting pregnant while breastfeeding. That’s what my doctor told me. So no prob! (yay!!)

    Except I got pregnant when baby1 was 4 months old. Sooo…I guess maybe worry a little.

  6. you can just go to the counter at the pharmacy and ask for it. I try to pick a pharmacy outside of my town. Don’t want them wondering why I come by so often. It will throw your period out of wack though.

  7. That thing about how you cant get progo when ur breast feeding is a lie. Most medical web-sites, taco/regular doctors offices, and medical shows on TV say thats wrong. The best thing to do is just wait until ur all clear from the taco doctor, or in ur friends case, take Plan B. I hear it works really good.

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