A Death in the Family

After a sudden and mysterious illness, there has been a tragedy in Crissy’s immediate family. 

The Rainbow colored Betta fish Crissy and Mister bought for Girlfriend because they felt guilty for having another baby and ruining the sweet only child gig she had going has passed on to the Great Fish Bowl in the Sky. Crissy thinks it died because Mister kept insisting it didn’t need to be fed EVERY day and Mister insists it died because Crissy changed its water too abruptly. The truth is Queefies, that whatever the cause, The Guilt Fish is dead.



R.I.P. Guilt Fish


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  1. Oh my. I still remember when my little fishy died. He sat in that bowl for days until I found someone with the heart to flush him down the toilet.

  2. I’m like Ben and have no ability to dispose of the bodies. I can’t even think about the day our two aged cats or our three middle aged dogs pass and how I’m going to handle that!

    The upside is that little fishies are not too expensive to replace.

    Another theory to his/her sudden demise – Alice got the jealous and sabotaged his/her bowl!!

  3. Rachel, how’s your hangover? My head hurts.

    Pimp- I’m not a murderer! YOU are the murderer! “oh, you don’t have to feed it EVERY day,just some days.” Uh huh. YOU KILLED GUILT FISH!!!!
    .-= Crissy’s last blog post… A Death in the Family =-.

  4. ::Sigh:: Poor lil’ Guilt Fish. I thing Big Pussy just wanted a lil fresh sushi in his diet and he worried the poor lil’ Guilt Fish to death.

    Fish are like dogs, cats and humans (especially the baby humans)they need to be fed daily. Just because they can’t bite you if you forget/don’t feed them every day does not make daily feeding less necessary.
    .-= MsDarkstar’s last blog post… Hypothetically…. =-.

  5. Betta’s should be fed every day but they won’t die if you don’t. At least mine didn’t. I used to go on vacation and forget about him and he’d be fine when I came back. Water can be a murderer but it shouldn’t matter how abruptly you do it. You aren’t supposed to use regular tap water unless you let it sit for a day or two and you can’t use distilled water either. Generic gallon water works perfectly. My betta lived for 4 years then one day poof goner.

  6. I remember when my goldfish from the carnival died because it jumped out of the bowl when I was 7…of course one of my four brothers probably tortured it!!

    I will never, ever, ever forget when my sweet little 5 year old daughter SCREAMED at the top of the stairs when she was getting ready for school that “James died” (the fish named after her “love interest” at preschool.)

    FISH SUCK!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t buy fish, they breed disappointment…so do men!

    Don’t buy men!!!!!!!!!!

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