A post in which Crissy includes a gratuitious number of pictures of herself in her new bathing suit

Oh what a glorious weekend Crissy had, Queefies!

First, her new refrigerator came and that was marvelous. Crissy cannot tell you how nice it is not to have rusty water dripping off the front of her refrigerator and Oh! To have ice and water inside the door is just…well..it’s a little slice of heaven.  The ice can be crushed or cubed depending on the Queen’s whim and that makes her rather happy and she may or may not be obsessed with ice now and Mister may or may not have shouted at her because she’s going to wear out the ice crushing thingy.


And you’ll never believe this but the sun was out for a whole day and so the Crissys went to Papa’s pool and Crissy wore the very first one piece bathing suit she’s ever owned and apparently it’s a magical bathing suit because she doesn’t want to stab herself with knives when she looks at herself in the mirror while wearing it and also because Crissy can walk on water now!


And Crissy saith unto the Queefies, “It is I; be not afraid.”

Jesus and Criss Angel can suck it.

Isn’t Crissy just so glamorous you want to kill yourself?


And aren’t her boobies just, well, ridiculous?


And not for motorboating.  It’s a shame, really.

Crissy has the grace of a gazelle, you know:


A gazelle!
You can’t stand it, can you?

And on Saturday night the Crissys had dinner with Rich and Michele and Cya and everyone had a wonderful time and ate cake and drank way, way, way too much wine.

So yes.

That was Crissy’s weekend.  How many of  you Queefies learned to walk on water?


That’s what Crissy thought.

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  1. You are just simply amazing. Your grace and finesse rival that of Jesus, Ginger Rogers, and your boobies remind me of Jessica Rabbit.

    My only reason not to get a knife immediately or throw myself into the deep end of the pool–that I cannot walk on top of–is the fact that I know your boobies are going to GO AWAY…hahaha!

    And then you will be reduced to posts asking questions about how do people motorboat flapjacks and I will look down at my D-lovely’s and smile really REALLY big! 😉

  2. actually i think she’s getting sick of them being so huge.

    i’m on the fence.

    on one hand, i’m becoming much more of a tit man–something i’ve never been before–and i can appreciate filling out a dress/bathing suit/blouse. there’s something comforting in big round melons that tickles some primordial part of my brain stem.

    on the other hand, i can only LOOK but not TOUCH. rather frustrating! hence i take a lot of pictures of them, because 1) they are stupendous, 2) i want to prolong the magic, and 3) it’s all i can do.

    i will say they’ve done wonders for my flickr stats. 😉

  3. I am jealous of oh so many things, Crissy. You have a pool at your ready access. You have a fabulous body. You have a fabulous bathing suit. You can walk on water. You have a husband who truly appreciates you and your awesomeness. Sigh.

    I am going to Destin in a week. I will be about 18 weeks pregnant at that time. Do you know I will look like a whale???? Not quite pregnant enough for people to realize that my tummy isn’t just fat, it’s actually a home for a little person. And here you are, what two days from giving birth, and you look fantabulous. Double sigh.

  4. Ahhhh, excellent, more pictures for my QOFE Shrine *ahem* not that I actually have one but maybe now that I know Crissy can walk on water I’d better get my act together and make one!

    You’re HAWT! And I’m glad it stopped raining so Crissy could spend the day splashing around in the pool!
    .-= MsDarkstar’s last blog post… Sunday Coffeehouse Post =-.

  5. Crissy, your new bathing suit does look truly awesome. O Happy Day when a woman finds a garment of any sort that just works.

  6. i covet your boobies. ALSO your ability to walk on water. i bet if i could figure that out, i’d be able to figure out a way to increase my boobage as well, since i’d be all-powerful at that point.

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