Homeslice is crying

Crissy tried to do too many things this morning like laundry, dishes, trash emptying and kitty box cleaning before she wrote for her blog and did her Biggest Loser Cardio workout and now Homeslice is demanding boobage and so Crissy is forced to go and feed Homeslice and choose only one of her two selfish activities to do before Mister goes to work and so she’s choosing her workout over writing to all her loyal Queefies about hilarious encounters with Italian Studs at the grocery store and with Crazy Bat-Shit Ladies in the bathroom at Saver’s but don’t worry.

Crissy will try again tomorrow with her superwoman routine and see if we do better.  She’s just going to have to start getting up at 4am so she can fit it all in.


No way.

But doesn’t Crissy look like an Olson Twin in this picture except instead of carrying a purse full of blow and slim fast she’s holding Homeslice?


Crissy is going to insist her picture be taken from this angle from now on because if we can do that then maybe she won’t have to do her workouts anymore and she will have more time to write to the Queefies and also she can just eat ice cream every day because that would be awesome.

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  1. I am now severely depressed. I didn’t just have a Homeslice seven weeks ago, yet I don’t look 80 lbs like you do in that pic.
    Now I have to go eat ice cream for breakfast because every woman knows that is the only real cure for depression.

  2. oooohh…Homeslice is adorable!

    Crissy, how is it possible that you look like little Homeslice was never in your tummy? So lucky. I hope I’m equally as lucky come next year.
    .-= chickenlips’s last blog post… be CAREFUL =-.

  3. QOFE you look delectable and homeslice is adorable.

    Pimp – Great picture of the royal bosom, the glasses make her look all the sexier. Wonderful shots of homeslice. What happened to girlfriend? Her nose will be out of joint when she finds out your posting more pictures of homeslice than her.

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