Rollin’ with the homies

Isn’t Mister the cutest in his new sunglasses?  They’re Rocawear or something like that which Cya informed Crissy is what all The Homies are wearing and Crissy just shops at Target and so she doesn’t know a lot about The Homies but she worries that him wearing these glasses is sort of like walking around wearing a FUBU shirt and looking like a total fucking jackass but he still looks hot even if Jay-Z is totally going to kick his ass for stealing his sunglasses.


Or maybe Jay-Z will just want to make Sexy Time with Mister cuz he’s totally fuckable but sadly Crissy has no interest in Sexy Time whatsoever and so Mister just follows her around and is all octopussy around her and stuff but Crissy is just like “Get OFF ME!” and stuff so are there

Any volunteers?

He likes it when you smack him in the ass and call him a nasty little slut blow jobs and a little back door action.

Interested parties should fill in the form below.

PS: He’d probably even consider the boys at this point because it’s only skin after all…

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  1. I can’t see the picture at work, but I have seen enough pictures to know that I am willing to help you out, Mister. I mean, with my hub’s and Crissy’s permission and all. And? bonus for you – I’ve got those nice round pregnancy boobies and they don’t hurt any more.

    Afterwards, we can all go out for ice cream.

  2. Wow! Mister is totally hot! Where is the volunteer list? You are one lucky woman. Mister is handy around the house (in more ways than one), he takes great pictures, he makes beautiful babies, and he is a hottie! I would think twice about sharing him. I would at least make some money with the deal.

  3. “i’d fuck me.”

    Haaa! Mister, remember that crazy dude in “Silence of the Lambs” said that shit while dancing around his dungeon dressed like a woman? He even tucked his junk in!

    Crissy, the brand doesn’t matter since Mistr looks hot in those shades. I bet when your lady essentials are primed and ready, you’re gonna ask him to put them on. 😉
    .-= Akilah Sakai’s last blog post… I Don’t Throw Dishes =-.

  4. I’m actually quite surprised at the lack of comments on this subject. I’m assuming everyone is so busy drooling that they can’t type properly.

  5. hey.

    i will admit to being a pimp.

    i will also admit to having a metrosexual tendency for SOME things.

    i will also admit to being called gay bait by more than one person

    but i’m not a “gay pimp!”

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