Crissy’s New Glasses Came In! Crissy’s New Glasses Came In!

Guess what?

Crissy’s New Glasses Came In!

Let Crissy show you them, Queefies!

These are the Caviar ones for when Crissy is feeling like a fancy pants:

Then there’s these too because Crissy sometimes feels a little more serious and so she has the Vera Wang ones for those times when she might cut a bitch:

You can’t keep your hands off Crissy now, can you?

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  1. Wow Crissy, you’re mad stylin’!! (Plus, now you can see better!)

    And… we were, at some point, to restrain ourselves from touching you? I say nay nay!

  2. I’m a year overdue for my eye appt. After seeing your hot librarian glasses, I decided to make an appointment to see if they have any hot nurse glasses. lol.

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