Making a run for the border

Update for the Queefs:

Taco Doctor will induce labor tomorrow morning at 6:30 am because he is a kind and merciful man and also mostly because he forgot to wear his sports cup today and Crissy was able to, ahem,  persuade him to deliver Taco on his/her due date instead of making Crissy wait it out.

It has nothing to do with Crissy’s blood pressure being all kerfuffled.  It’s all due to Crissy’s powers of persuasion and her very firm grip.

Pray for your Crissy Queefies.

You will be informed when there is informing to be done.

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  1. Woo-hoo! Your doctor is a wise man…a wise man who wants to keep his cojones, apparently! I will send good vibes up for you and Taco! 🙂

    Zan’s last blog post: I’m Weak

  2. Congrats and good luck tomorrow! Be sure to stop and enjoy tonight as the last night with just the three of you 🙂

    You know we’ll all be hoping you have a smooth and lovely delivery tomorrow!!

  3. I’ve been reading for a bit over a month now, and feel the need to stop lurking to wish you well in your delivery.

    And since I’m here, YOU are a very, very funny QOFE!

  4. My chant has changed from dilate, dilate….to small head, small head!!! Good Luck, may it be speedy and painless!

  5. thank goodness you went into labor on your own….pitocin is devils juice….hope everything is moving along!

  6. You can’t leave us hanging – so you went into labor and all, but has Taco come out? Are you still miserably in labor?

    On a serious note, I hope the delivery was quick and you and Taco are safe and healthy.

  7. Since I’ve been sitting on the sidelines and reading for a while I suppose this might be the right time to come out of the shadows. Congrats Crissy and family!!!

  8. Okay so another comment from me. But I had an idea. As a baby present for the Crissys, let’s all click on the ads!! Whoo hoo!

  9. Are Crissy and Taco okay? I’m getting worried (but I come from a long line of worriers). I know you’re busy with new baby.

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