Bizzy, Bizzy, Bizzy

Crissy has as super busy weekend Queefies and so she won’t really be around until Tuesday and besides, her hands are numb and so she can’t really type out all the genius that is in her head right now.

It’s Girlfriend’s My Little Pony birthday party on Monday and we’ve got to secure the hookers and blow and don’t forget the keg and the box wine for the kids!

So happy Memorial Day peoples.

Crissy will be sure to have lots of pictures to show you.

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  1. My Little Pony is the shit! That and playing with Barbies, for sure the main reasons I wanted a girl.

    Not for the loud screachy cry.

    Guess it’s worth it for the clothes and toys though.

    Kelly’s last blog post: Cape Fear

  2. It sounds as if Mr. is off to a good start to the birthday/holiday weekend if Crissy’s hands are too numb to type. Way to go, or should I say come?!?!?!?! Hope GF enjoys her birthday.

  3. Sadly, my hands are numb from being so swollen with fluid retention. I think it’s the hot weather we’re having today. I’m dead, dead sexy.

  4. And somewhere in that bizzy, bizzy weekend, you have plans to deliver Taco, too, right? Are we still doing the “dilate” chant, or would you rather we held off until Tuesday?

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