1. Nicole was looking over my shoulder and her comment was first “she looks different” and then “why is she shaking her but at us?” The way she said it made me laugh. I am very impressed that you are able to dance at all. With me I didn’t want to get off the couch

  2. You have redifined “Hot Mama!” You look great! I wish I had the same Alice at six years postpartum that you have at nine months pregnant.

  3. I can’t move like that and I have no preggo excuse. Sigh. I wanna be like you. Without the preggo thingy, though. Just hot, sexy, and a clean house.

    Your back-up dancers (Alice and Girlfriend) were fly! Does their union know that they were not credited in this production?

    Dingo’s last blog post: Leggo My Ego!

  4. My posterior has never made Mr. POSSLQ smile the smile he was smiling when we watched your video! Truly a wonder to behold O’QOFE! Wowie Wow Wow! And your backup dancers – epic! Taco doesn’t know what Taco is missing! (Your plan is to shake Taco out with your booty dance, right?)

    MsDarkstar’s last blog post: Excitement comes from strange sources…

  5. Girlfriend was doing a good backup position. Not that your backup position needed any help. Please work hard Mr. at helping with the softening thing so Taco can come out and enjoy the fun from a different angle.

    JoeInVegas’s last blog post: What’s blooming now?

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