Happy Easter Motherfuckers!


Great news Queefs!

Yasmin the Lezbeefriend is NOT offended and as it turns out, not a crazy bat shit Freebirther! Here’s what she said in the comments section that I know you lazy Friday Queefs won’t click on so I have made it convenient for you:

“the wanker producers cleverly omitted to point out in the documentary that my wife is a trained midwife and i’m a paed nurse- oh, and our local hospital is 4 minutes away by car. We’re not entirely nuts… just mostly. “

God, Crissy loves it when the Englishpeople say “wanker.” It sounds so much prettier in Englishpeople language than it does in Americaland language.

Anyhoodle, thanks for coming by to clarify Yasmin! Crissy is glad she could inadvertently help clear up how those dick suckers portrayed you.

Moving on…

Tomorrow is Mister’s birthday so you should all go over to his blog and say happy happy to him and tell him his penis is very, very large and marvelous.

Or if you’re a boy, you can just say “happy birthday, dude” and smack him on the ass if you’re not comfortable talking sweet and sexy to him about his junk.

The poor bastard will be spending his birthday painting the hallway but don’t feel too sorry for him because Crissy’s birthday is coming up very soon after Taco is born and she will spend her birthday breastfeeding around the clock and sleep-deprived with bleeding nipples so, you know, good times!

The Crissys can fucking party.

And Crissy has some special plans for him for tomorrow that may or may not involve nubile virgins smothered in strawberry shortcake and whipped cream.

And so Crissy will leave you on this Good Friday with Girlfriend’s Easter portrait from last year:


Happy Easter and all that bullshit.

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  1. I’m glad that Yasmin wasn’t offended and all is well.

    Is it me or does Girlfriend look like she beat down the Easter Bunny and is now sitting on him to make sure he’ll be giving her all his eggs and candy? Way to go, Girlfriend!

    MsDarkstar’s last blog post: TMI Thursday

  2. I have to agree… girlfriend looks positively mean in that pic. You should show that to all future boyfriends. They’ll know not to mess with her. Or at least to give her lots of chocolate.

    Jac’s last blog post: TMI Thursday

  3. Remember when I said I wished I could be in-real-life friends with you guys because of all the wicked crazy times you have? (for example, the two hotties in bed with Pimp) Well, now that you’ve ruined the surprise and shared your birthday plans, I’m not so sure I am still so envious. I mean, bleeding nipples might be exciting, but not because a baby Taco sucked them raw. I will still love and stalk you, but a little of the magic is faded.

  4. I adore that photo of GF—-it’s priceless.

    It’s how I imagine my oldest looking in his head when I’m lecturing him, and he’s trying to look interested.

    I hate that the comment luv doesn’t work from my office.


  5. I am very happy that Yasmin is not mad because she is fabulous and all, but I am a little disturbed by her use of the term “wanker” in a derogatory way. Wankers wank, and wanking is very good. Wanking is very good indeed.

    I will go over to your pimp’s site to wish him a happy birthday, but hardly a single day passes by without me telling him how insanely awesome his dick is, so I hardly see the point.

    stoogepie’s last blog post: A Crissy and stoogepie Fairytale

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