Crissy is posting in the middle of the afternoon? This is MADNESS!!!

OMG Queefs.

Crissy wasn’t going to post today because it’s one of those days when she feels quiet.

Yes, it happens sometimes.

Shut up.

And she just didn’t have much to say to anybody and so was going to take the day off and then something funny happened and she thought she’d tell you because she doesn’t have any real friends to call.

Isn’t that lucky for the Queefs though?

Sure it is.

So anyways, Crissy and Girlfriend are at the Stop & Shop doing their groceries when Crissy goes to the deli counter and guess who is there?


Yes! He was!


And he sliced Crissy’s cheese for her and asked if she liked his thickness and…

huhuhuhuhuhuuuuuu…Crissy bets it’s thick, baby…


Where are we?

Oh yes, thickness and that’s when Girlfriend noticed that Vinny has a teeny tiny earring and loudly said to him, “why do you have that earring? Only women wear earrings. YOU LOOK LIKE A WOMAN!!!! Hahahahahahaha! Silly Cheese Man.”


Vinny did not know what to say and so just smiled this dumb smile and sort of looked at Crissy to be rescued but she didn’t do it and you Queefs would have been proud because she was cold as ice and Crissy and Girlfriend just walked off with their cheese and a hair toss and enjoyed a hearty chuckle at Vinny’s expense.

That ought to teach Vinny to toy with Crissy so.

He got owned by a three year old.

Maybe next time he’ll show a little more respect to the QOFE and POFE (That’s Princess of Fucking Everything in case you didn’t know. She’s earned it.).

PS: This will probably drive Vinny wild with desire for Crissy now, right?

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  1. I, personally, hope Girlfriend never outgrows “telling it like it is”. Sure, it may make her social life a bit awkward, but no one would ever have to guess where they stand with Girlfriend.

    And, I know exactly what you mean about not having anyone in my day-to-day-face-to-face life to tell things to. Thank God for the Internetz!

    MsDarkstar’s last blog post: The internet is great but….

  2. My morning just wasn’t the same without your post, but looks like you saved my afternoon. Gotta love Girlfriend, I get such a kick out of her.

  3. Oh—sorry, p.s.

    I’ve OFFERED to exchange phone numbers for these little friend emergencies, and so far, you’ve not accepted.

    See…you COULD’VE called me………

  4. I bet Vinny is thinking about you right this very minute. Getting dickslapped over your earring and being called a woman by a kid in front of her MILF is like a wet fucking dream. And being called the Cheese Man by anyone has an instant dick-hardening effect as well.

    You’re not talking about the Volkswagen Iroc, are you?

    stoogepie’s last blog post: Great Stories of the Bible 2

  5. Jeez-us, Crissy. Go into the witness protection program NOW woman! He’s going to get the mafia on your ass. The MAFIA!

    Because he’s Italian.


    I was just feeling badly because how often do we all blog a decent Italian stereotype? Equal opportunity and all that…

    melissalion’s last blog post: Crack

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