A little something for the ladies and some of the gentlemen

Crissy had a post all ready for today but this came up instead so here.

How do we like The Mom Sweater now?



Crissy is totally going to email these to Mister’s mom.

Maybe she’ll take the damn thing back now that she knows what’s being done with it.

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  1. DAMN WORK FIREWALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why didn’t I just call in this morning like I wanted. I can’t believe I have to wait until I get home to see these pictures. Especially if they’re what I think they are!!!!

  2. Daisee – You can have my firewall after having these images burned into my eyes. Now where did I place that stick that my mom always said to stop playing with before somebody looses an eye?

  3. I haven’t even been able to see the pictures yet, but came back for the comments (you know, to tease me a little) and I’d like to preorder my Bren and Mister calendar. And any other hot guys you know. Please. I’ll take two and send one to my SIL who also reads your blog.

  4. @Stoogie-Wait a second. We planned that threesome months ago. Remember? REMEMBER but SOMEBODY was on an emergency business trip? Let’s wait a couple more months so that it’s not really more of a foursome and then it is so. on. dude. You should probably start stocking up on lube now.

  5. crissy i’ve never commented before but i’ve been reading a while and i just have to say that these pictures are amazing. and i laughed out loud in my office, seriously hilarious.

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