Mister’s Mom Sweater OR Why Crissy Would Rather See Him Naked.

So Sunday was sort of an eventful day because not only did Crissy have some interaction with her Vinny but when Crissy’s father-in-law came over to help Mister with the dry walling Taco’s room project he brought a bag with him and in that bag was this:



It’s particularly stunning with his plaster dusty camouflage pants and NERD tee shirt.

Mister’s mom sent it over for him. Not for Crissy. Not that Crissy wanted it, but it was expressly for The Golden Boy.  His mom wore it for a billionty years when she was a school librarian and then his sister wore it during her grunge phase and evidently it is now his turn to wear The Sweater That Just Won’t DIE.

And he wears it all the time now.

Even when he has no pants on which let Crissy tell you is a sight to behold indeed and Crissy thinks she much prefers the naked Mister to the Mister in his Mom Sweater Mister.



That’s much better isn’t it?

At least the naked Mister looks a little dark and mysterious and fuckable as long as you’re into normal serial killers instead of ones with mommy issues like that Norman Bates guy or whatever his name is from that old movie with the shower and the blood and everything.


But then again maybe Crissy shouldn’t make fun of Mister and his Mom Sweater because he got more comments on Crissy’s blog yesterday than Crissy has all week and most of last week too so his dick is clearly much, much larger than Crissy’s.

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  1. Shrink the sweater in the wash, then you can say it died without feeling terribly guilty. (Just don’t shrink it too much that it fits girlfriend or taco.)

    I may have done this in the past.

  2. Well, Naked Mister still kind of has a sweater thing going on there with all that hair on his chest. I agree with Leah, though…”accidentally” shrink the sweater! Maybe then the dog could wear it? Hmm.

    Cal’s last blog post: Smelly shirt

  3. Sadly, I’d wear it all the time too. I’m usually cold while my husband is NOT. So, I would want to wear that sweater because it’s ugly and old and probably rather comfy. But I’d have to wash it first. I don’t want any naked Mister cooties. (no offense of course. I was going to comment on the naked Mister picture and hotness and stuff, but then I thought that might be crossing the line and we don’t do that here at Crissyspage, do we? LOL)

  4. “It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood, a lovely day for a neighbor….”

    -I’m not a lurker, been reading you for weeks now trying to catch up on everything! *phew!* LOVE your blog!

  5. How the hell LONG was that sweater on Ken’s mom?! Isn’t Ken 6’4″?! It must have been a frickin’ DRESS on her!

  6. as far as the freudian oedipal implications go, please let the record show that it was actually CRISSY who had to ask ME out first.

    that was years before she worked in a library, and even more years passed before i first suckled milk from her luscious breast.

    i am also hoping that taco is a boy so that we can get some oedipus in the house to counteract all the electra.

  7. I would like to add that I know you are pregnant and my last confession could work two ways — it might make you want to slap me in the face, and/or make you want your man even more. I’m hoping for the latter, though I would deserve the slap in the face.

    melissalion’s last blog post: Don’t Stay Here

  8. I oddly have a sweater that’s rather similar to that. I think I wore it once. For me, it was my grandfather’s sweater… I don’t know that that helps any in his defense, though. What IS the draw to the sweater???

    Ceci’s last blog post: Playin’ with Kate

  9. omg! I love you! I always laugh so bad when I read your blog…Mr.Crissy really looks like a pathological child when wearing the sweater, exactly like Norman Bates…I bet next time he’ll put on the wig and wear lipstick and stuff…
    btw..the film is entitled Psycho 😛
    I don’t think his post was better than yours, I just think that he was kinda a newbie so we all commented…besides..it was effing funny 😛

    Thrice’s last blog post: Terrible Tuesday # 2

  10. I second K8: I want the picture with no pants on. I think the sweater might cover his dick. Or maybe not. Either way, you know, it’s not porn. It’s fashion.

    Serial killer — in either picture — is a really good look for Ken.

    stoogepie’s last blog post: Mister Shorts Number 8

  11. I’m so glad I”m not the only one around here with inappropriate thoughts about this sweater and nakey picture situation. I third K8’s suggestion about a pic of Mister with no pants and just the sweater. I mean, seriously, Crissy got nakey for us. It’s only fair, Mister!

  12. I am disturbed by the sweater… more disturbed by the noir photo and rethinking my plan to go to bed soon now because nightmares are afoot if that’s the last thing I see before I go to bed. Also, I’ve found that in a two-blogger household, there’s competition even if you don’t mean for there to be. I’ll admit I’m impressed/a little jealous with Mr. POSSLQ makes someone’s blogroll and I don’t.

    MsDarkstar’s last blog post: Another 365 days down…

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