So as not to be outdone by Lynne’s boobie mug, Crissy thought she might bring this one into work this morning and see how it hits the people over at Schmuckytown Pubic.


Crissy is sure this is just what she’s needed to get the respect and admiration she deserves in the workplace because everyone knows that what librarians need most is a little dick with their coffee in the morning.

But Crissy doesn’t use it for coffee because she thinks it’s the perfect thing to enjoy her favorite breakfast Vanilla Smoothie in:


But the thick smoothie sort of clogs the tip so Crissy has to try and suck it out which doesn’t work so good because it gives her The TMJ and also gravity is an issue so it turns out she has to enjoy her smoothie from a regular glass just like normal people.


It’s not as delicious but it’s easier to drink.


Wait till Lynne sees THIS!!!

She may be have the tits but Crissy’s got the balls and the shaft!

Oh and Crissy has a very, very exciting announcement to make!

Crissy has noticed from what some of the Queefs say in the comments section that you kids seem to be severely lacking in the inappropriate vocabulary department so Crissy is doing what any good Queen who is devoted to the well-being and smartness of her peoples would do when she sees that the educational system has once again failed to educate them properly.

And so Crissy is happy and proud to present to you Crissy’s Word of the Week!!!!!


You can find the definitions to horrifying, offensive, inappropriate, astoundingly disgusting yet delightfully titillating words right here every Monday.

No decision has been reached about whether it will be in the form of a widget or if Crissy will just put it in her posts instead.

It depends on Mister and his lazy ass.

So without further ado, the word of the week is, rather appropriately, Queening.

Queening: gerund. The act of a woman sitting on her subservient’s face.

Everyone knows that George Bush is totally bummed he never got a chance to have Ann Coulter over to the White House for a little queening and perhaps even a nice fisting.

Use it in a sentence today!

PS: Happy Groundhog day Queefs and Queefettes!

That little fucker better see his shadow or whatever makes it so spring comes early because seriously?