Prince Derek makes Crissy want to do Very Naughty Things. This cannot be normal.

Crissy knows she promised the Queefs that she wouldn’t post stuff about being pregnant unless it was noteworthy or funny or something because she is well aware that other people’s pregnant stories sound fascinating to them and no one else.

In fact, it would make an awesome eecard:

But this?

This is reaching a height of ridiculous that Crissy did not expect and thus it is noteworthy.

The other day Crissy put on a Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses movie for Girlfriend and, well, Crissy has been feeling a lot like having Sexy Time lately because of all the hormones and everything and she found herself with a sudden and intense desire for the prince in the movie who apparently has quite the little fetish for women’s shoes:

Maybe that’s the attraction because Crissy also likes shoes.

But he wasn’t even in doll form in the movie so it’s not like Crissy had some sort of Real Doll fantasy or something.

That would be almost a little bit normal.

But he’s a cartoon!!!

Watch this one minute long video that Crissy cannot figure out how to embed even though she’s done it a millionty times before because she’s got pregnant brain and that will lead her to another complaint which she may or may not get to in this post. We’ll see.

And it’s not the old blond haired dude you see in the first part either.

Crissy’s not a total sicky.

Prince Derek is the one with the bird on his shoulder.

He’s soooo dreamy.

Derek, not the bird.

He brings about a stirring in Crissy’s underpanties the likes of which we have not seen since Mick St. John:

Only Mick St. John is a real vampire and Prince Derek is a cartoon.

huhuhuhuhuh….bite Crissy Mick, bite her….

Okay Crissy that is QUITE ENOUGH!

You see the problem right Queefs?

This cannot be normal.

Please Queefs.

Tell Crissy who may or may not have rubbed one out to Prince Derek last night while Mister was working late and so unable to tend to Crissy’s needs that you too have wanted to do Very Naughty Things with a cartoon.

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  1. In my enormous fantasy life I have wished for many things.  Cartoon wieners though?  Nay-Nay.

    Tweet-Tweet:  Magicians?!  priceless.

  2. hmm when i think of naughty and cartoon…i think hentai…perhaps the next word of the week???

    no doubt Mister has more to add…

  3. I would have to stick with Mick.  All of the Barbie cartoons have started to look the same to me.  Though I was impressed with how different the Disney Prince dolls are from Barbie Ken dolls. 

  4. Oh! I’ve got this one, people!

    I always had a major crush on the cartoon version of that Aha guy in the Take on Me video.

    And also Kidd Video. I had a thing for him too.

    Oh and for awhile, I had a major spin out over Steve from Bloom County.

    I’m sure there’s more…I’ll get back to you.

  5. When did you add the lovely glass of chardonnay up top?  I know this probably has some avatar-ish name, but I don’t know what it is.

  6. You’re not alone, although I tend to go the anime and RPG direction for my cartoon boys.
    Squall from Final Fantasy 8 (who does have the look of the guy from ah-ha )and Vash from Trigun (the serious one not the cartoon-y, goofy one… mostly ’cause he reminds me of the boyo)

    and I second the Prince Eric vote…

  7. Thank God I’m not the only one! I’ve had sex dreams EVERY.NIGHT. for a week.

    Husband has been getting lots of sexy time. He’s threatened to sleep in the guest room so he can get some sleep.


  8. bugs bunny? how about JESSICA FUCKING RABBIT:

    .. and to address what joeinvegas said, we have FINALLY triumphed over a nearly 24 total meltdown of a test/dev ESX server farm–a meltdown triggered by an out of date storeport driver on a windows consolidated backup server which prevented it from releasing a hold on two SCSI LUNS, thereby causing the ESX machines to fail to mount their 2TB datastores.

    so i’m coming home, and you’d better have your game face on…

  9. Ok, so not really related to your post, but did you know your fave vampire show came out on dvd last week? I heard it on the radio and was going to email you, but I am easily distracted so I didn’t remember until just now.

  10. I totally wanted to bang Robin Hood (the fox, from the Disney movie) and that’s like SUPER weird and creepy because hello! he’s not even human.

  11. I must warn you to not watch the scene in Tarzan (the disney cartoon version) where he kills the cheetah and he holds it above his head and they pan around his perfectly chiseled naked torso showing a close up of every single muscle and bulge….
    Um yeah.
    The first time a friend and I were watching that movie there may have been a bong involved and lots of the silly smoke but we looked at each other in awe after that scene and said in unison- “soooo hot”
    Then we laughed at ourselves, but my point is YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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