Crissy Doesn’t Need Maury Povitch

This might come as sort of a shock to you Queefs seeing as Crissy and Mister seem so tight and everything but Girlfriend is not really Mister’s baby.


She’s Jack’s.

And Taco’s father…


is Uncle Fester.

And now you know.

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  1. Who knew the Crissys were a show bidness family?!  I’m so impressed.  Although it looks as if the next words out of Girlfriend’s mouth are going to be “Why so serious?”

  2. Poor Pimp.  First the love of the deli guy.  Then the gay post.  Then the love for Richard Simmons.  Now proof positive Crissy has cheated. 

    But then again, he did steal a speculum as  a “present” for Crissy.  Hmmmm.  Maybe he’s also plotting with Big Pussy??

  3. The joke is on you sister as he just lets you believe that the thinks putting it in your butt makes babies… Shit… I might have just betrayed my gender… Sorry Mister

  4. I love firemonster Girlfriend. Love. Her.Evil. Ways.

    I’ll babysit anytime. And if it involves duct tape and closets, all the better. No?

  5. Crissy is mistaken.  Crissy must have been really drunk.  Cause Girlfriends father is TOTALLY the dude from Clockwork Orange.

    Go look.

    And tell me it isn’t so.

    And then when you totally agree, because I am always right, bow to my awesomeness…

  6. Hey, I found your web site a number of weeks ago and have read all the posts and comments steadily. I decided to might post my firstcomment. Unsure of what to write but here goes. Great website. Will come back in a while to hear what else you have to tell me.

  7. ———————————————————–
    “Anyway, I guess I am a trifle off subject right here?.. Exactly.!!!. It looks like that! Ha, Ha, Ha…”

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