Step Right Up and Win Some Crap


Good morning Queefs!

Isn’t that sign Mister and Aznman made just da bomb?

Are the kids still saying things are da bomb or did Crissy just embarrass herself again?



As promised Crissy spent a little time going through all of your wonderful suggestions for what to name her imaginary topless coffee shop and if you win you get a Wonderful Prize which is sure to make you the envy of the entire office or at least of formula fed babies everywhere.

She has purchased it online this very morning from a gentleman who is hopefully a very reliable vendor and it will be on it’s way to Crissy’s house shortly. Crissy’s a little suspicious because he asked if she could meet him in a Taco Bell parking lot with the cash and Crissy’s never paid for anything she’s bought online that way before…

Crissy is sure it will be fine.

Anyhooters, here’s the poll.

Crissy should name her imaginary topless coffee shop:

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Crissy tried to narrow it down as much as she could but it was hard Queefs.

Everyone is so sick and twisted creative around here!

PS: Crissy is thinking of having an imaginary wet tee shirt contest for the make pretend grand opening. Isn’t that brilliant? Screw books. Crissy should open tittie bars for a living.

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  1. I SO want to be in the wet t-shirt contest. I might even send you a picture, I’m THAT sure I’d win.

    I got a nice rack.

    SOMEONE should get to see it! There’s no action around here….

  2. Being male i don’t have a good rack but am willing to judge a wet t-shirt/no shirt/or any type of female boobie contest that you or your loyal subjects would like to post.

    What can i say, i’m a giver.

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