Honesty is such a lonely word

With the new year approaching Crissy thinks it’s high time to take this here blog in a new direction.

And so from now on we’re not going to talk about drinking and masturbating and all the silly things we usually talk about around this place.

As much.

No, no, no.

Instead, we’re going to handle the tough issues–the things no one else has the balls or the energy to think about, let alone blog about.

And Crissy is going to start asking for the Queef’s opinions a lot more because really it’s the little people like all of you that make the world go round because every human life has value and everyone has something important to contribute.


But no.

So to start off with, Crissy has an important question for you Queefs and she needs an honest answer.


Do these pants make Crissy's ass look like a plate of spinach?

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  1. nilsa, the funny thing is that crissy looked in horror at the picture moments after i took it and asked me, “is my ass really that big?!?”

    i just frowned at her… then uploaded it. 🙂

    marie, as of this morning i seem to have worked out the last of the kinks in the polling plugin, so yes… lots more polls to come.

  2. Throw some bacon dressing on that and a sliced hard boiled egg and we’re good!

    Fellow Queefs, yes, her ass is that small.  It makes it very, very difficult for us Qeefs to bend over to kiss it.

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