The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Oh Queefs!

This has been such a wonderful week for Crissy!

The internet is giving her a great big hug and kiss!

First she went on a Dream Date with Ben and had a wonderful time. She already told you about that though.

And now, finally, someone has interviewed Crissy!

YES!! It’s TRUE!!!

The lovely Miss Alexa from Cleveland’s A Plum has interviewed her for her Featured Blogger thingy that she does.

Crissy is a little nervous about how the interview went though because she was…well…she was herself and she is scared that Alexa’s Internets are going to come over here with torches and all sorts of pointy gardening implements and burn Crissy’s whorehouse of a blog down to the ground or they might poke her in the bum with a hoe or something which doesn’t sound that bad but Crissy thinks it could be hurt-y because Crissy doesn’t usually take it in the pooper.

Only on Very, Very Special Nights.

But anyway you should go read it now because this is all you’re getting from Crissy for a while.

Crissy won’t be back around until Wednesday because she’s very busy and important and has things to do and places to go and people to do see.

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  1. Loved the interview, Crissy! I will always remember not to mastrubate in the voting booth because of you. Of course, it may also be because my voting place doesn’t have booths, so I might be arrested for indecent exposure if I did.

  2. Thanks for the advice Crissy.

    Shit! I can’t find the receipt to exchange my RED crotchless patent-leather boy shorts!  I don’t wanna look like a flippin’ tomato tonight!!

  3. What, no guest bloggers?  I guess I’ll just compile my own ‘best of crissy’ collection and drown my sorrows in wine.

    or sprite, whichever is more readily available in my office Monday morning.

  4. Awww, mannnn…. now I have to find some other reason to get out of bed Monday and Tuesday.  Seriously… my routine is get up, stumble to computer, read Crissy, proceed with day.

    So, when my productivity is nil at the beginning of next week, I’m just gonna point at the Crissy-less computer screen and sigh.  Hope you will be having an adventure that you can/will blog about!

  5. hey crissy… would you like to guest blog in my blog??? 🙂

    ah…. tomorrow is the last day of the Drinks are on ME competition!!
    Go on… leave your comment!!!

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