Crissy Answers Door in PJs-Wrangles Drunks for Kiala

Crissy’s weekend was rather dull and included normal things like a trip to Target for bullshit and answering the door in her pj’s for the grocery delivery guy.

It gets him all hot when he sees Crissy in her mismatched fleece and fuzzy slippers. She doesn’t even have to tip him. He just throws the bags in the door and runs like a bastard.

He must have a lot of deliveries on his route.

On Saturday night we made a birthday video for The Lovely Miss Kiala as it was a birthday surprise request from her husband, Dane, and Crissy thought it was very sweet of him (totally something Edward would do for Bella. Just saying.). A bunch of her blog and real life friends did one too. You should go and wish her a happy birthday. Really. DO IT!!!!

We think our contribution came out rather well actually and can be seen here.

But the outtakes were priceless because in them you see Crissy wrangling some drunks to get her video made.

Mister and Paul were not drunk and behaved like total professionals except for the horrendous outfit (a flight suit and a cousin Eddy hat) Mister insisted on wearing because “it’s the fucking shit, man” and thankfully you cannot see it because the lighting is total crap but the other dudes?


They started drinking at noon. We made the video around 7:00. Need Crissy say more? And Girlfriend thought the music was too loud and so she was clinging to Crissy’s leg and screaming. Thankfully, Michele was home with Alena making cookies and listening to soft music and so Crissy brought Girlfriend out of the chaos and over there for a few minutes because really? Girlfriend does not need to hear all the Motherfuckers and Cocksuckers that were flying around followed by a drunk bending down into her face and slurring “I srry sweehot. I saidabadword.”

She heard enough of that already when Crissy used to cook dinner with a bottle glass of wine and some pills.

Anyhooter, That’s all Crissy has for this lovely Monday morning.

Watch the fucking videos.

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  1. I popped over to Kiala’s place to see the finished video.

    “Go to hell you old bitch!” ….. “And many mooore!!”

    Bwahahahaaa!! I’m thinking of ending the b-day song just like that at the next party I go to. I’ll make sure to do it at that relative-you-can’t-stand’s party so I won’t be invited back. Genius!!

  2. I watched your video, and spent the next hour clinging to the leg of my desk crying and screaming for my mommy. Thanks for that…back to the couch (the therapist not the free one with booze)

  3. @Neth- Oh god. There’s the fucking outfit. You just HAD to show the internets didn’t you? For the record, I wouldn’t have married him if I had known he would eventually think wearing a flight suit when one is NOT FLYING A PLANE was acceptable.

  4. I fucking love you guys.

    All of you.

    And I am an old bitch. It’s true.

    I had to use CONCEALER for the first time yesterday.


    And I really like the flight suit. I’m going to make Dane dress up as Maverick tonight for an extra birthday present to me.

  5. Had I known, I totally would’ve come to you months ago. That garage band would’ve been perfect for our wedding. Oh well. You can give them to me for my birthday instead. December 6, bitches. Don’t forget! =)

  6. I loved your video on Kiala’s site, but the director’s cut here is awesome and adds a lot more!

    That gig did not suck. That just might have been the best garage band gig ever. There is only one way it could have been better: they could all have worn flight suits and cousin Eddy hats. Because your pimp looks fan-fucking-tastic.

  7. Hmm, I thought you slept in the nude, ’cause then the delivery guy might totally love you answering the door in your PJs. Or he might run faster, because, well, he might.

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