1. oooh, good one, dingo!

    as to how crissy is FEELING, i can answer that:


    very, very.

    it’s a bit of a drag, and has seriously put a damper on the already sparse frequency of fellatio–apparently my prudish wife doesn’t want to indulge my decades-old fantasy of being puked on while getting blown.


  2. Congrats! That may be the most awesome 11-second video ever. Very sexy.

    Taco is a very good name and it works for both boys and girls.

    But stoogepie is a good name, too. Just think about it….

  3. We’re thinking Taco for either boy or girl. If it’s a boy it’ll be Taco Sanchez and if it’s a girl her name will be Taco Belle.

    We’re really happy with the name.

    But stoogie is right. Maybe Taco Belle Stoogepie Crissy?
    Taco Sanchez Stoogepie Crissy?

    We have time to think on this.

  4. Yippee!!!! And Mister did not freeze his balls off! No wonder the booze and the pills haven’t been making their appearance on your blog lately.

    Is this what makes you want to do it all the time?

  5. Now when did you manage to get pregnant with all of the uninvited guests lurking in your bed?? Despite this mystery, this is wonderful news!!



  6. I think K8 is on to something. When my friend got pregnant, all she wanted to do was hump everything in sight. We should have known! Seems like just yesterday you were having the debate about expanding your family 🙂


  7. Wait, is this a “Yeah, I’m pregnant?” Or a “Ugh, I’m pregnant?”. I think all three of my kids were the latter, except by the third kid it turned into “Fuck, why me?”.

  8. Does this mean that even as you were asking about whether you should be makin’ a baby, you were making (had successfully made?) a baby? Or did you gather opinions and get right to work?

    I’m looking forward to the Barbie re-enactment of explaining the new baby to Girlfriend!

  9. Kiala, I think Dooce is just trying to copy Crissy. She’s pissed that Crissy beat her in Hottest Mommy Blogger and so now she’s trying to imitate her to try to steal the 2009 title.

    Either that, or Dooce and Crissy are merely the same person writing wildly different blogs.

  10. omg crissy!! I’m so happy for you! Congratulations. And that was the cutest video announcement ever. You have to put up a video of girlfriend’s response. I’m sure it’ll be classic.

  11. Meh.

    Everyone is doing it lately.

    I would be more impressed if you were like 15months pregnant or storing the foetus in a box.

    I blame YouTube. Desensitised me to the wonders of life.

  12. Taco or Tako? The second would be Japanese for octopus.. but then you would have to tell the kidlette that you named it after an anime beastiality situation.. But, hey, your choice!

    As to nausea… I recommend ginger. Pickled, sugared, dried, whatnot. Helped my friend immensely. And stay away from 1000 year old eggs. The smell would gag a maggot when you’re preggers.

    Mazol tov!


    That’s AWESOME…congrats you two!

    Will your Queefs get to find out girl or boy, or will you torture us and make us wait? I see another Barbie re-enactment!

  14. Damn it. I can’t believe I missed the day of the announcement. Congratulations!! People who have kids as cute as Girlfriend should be legally required to have at least one more.

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