1. Yay Girlfriend!

    I am so glad I watched this before my lessons today…we will all be making masks and having Obama kick the patootie out of McCain.

    Although, maybe it’s not nice to be mean to the elderly…

  2. Aww! A politically aware pre-school! I think it’s great. Maybe if more schools did this the electorate would grow up more engaged and more informed!

    My daughter will be 11 on 1/19/09 and has been saying for a couple of years that the day after her 11th birthday will be the best day ever “because George Bush won’t be President anymore!”

  3. Girlfriend is wise far beyond her years.

    But doesn’t giving out heads of the candidates that you have to color in sort of lend itself to increasing the Brady effect?

  4. Girlfriend is not only gorgeous but smarter than I was at her age. She is well on her way to a life as a wildly successful business woman. Or a trophy wife. Who knows!

  5. This should definitely convince in the “undecided” voters.

    i second stoogpie’s comment “Girlfriend is wise far beyond her years.”

  6. I don’t know why they bothered with all those stupid debates! This is all anybody needed! Thanks Girlfriend for helping to get Obama elected!!

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