Run Bitch!

The other day Crissy looked out her window to see her friend Michele running by the house. Crissy threw open the window and yelled “run bitch! RUN!!!” at her.

The woman looked up to see Crissy standing in her window in her underpanties and guess what?




Thank goodness that the woman looked up at that moment though because the next thing out of Crissy’s mouth was going to be “nice ass!”

Crissy has requested that Michele wear a name tag when she goes jogging from now on.

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  1. I’ve done the same thing, except I had on pants. There is the group of dudes who run in our neighborhood that we’ve met at this summer’s 5K races (my hubby runs). I saw a group of duded running a few weeks ago and one was being all slow behind the others. Thinking this was part of the group we’ve met and that they’d remember meeting me, I hollered “better hurry up” to the slow one. (I thought I was being funny and clever and stuff. Yeah, I wasn’t, but it was like 5:30am!!) Turns out they didn’t know who I was and I didn’t know who the slow guy was after all. I’m such a dork.

  2. So what you’re really telling us is that you sit around in your underpanties and your husband sits around in his shirt and no underpanties. It really IS clothing optional at your house.

    And when I take up running, I want you to drive from spot to spot with encouragement.

  3. Hilarious! Kind of reminds me of myself in college. Not the exhibitionist part. But, I went up to a guy I kinda knew to officially introduce myself. And halfway through my introduction, I realized it wasn’t the same guy. All turned out ok, though, because I ended up dating the new guy. Yeah, I have a way with words.

  4. Nice! hmmm I wonder what that lady’s blog entry today is…. “So I was minding my own business going for a quick job, when some hot chick in her underwear started heckling me from her house. I thought about screaming back, “nice thong!” – but I didn’t want to egg her on….

  5. That alone makes me want to invite you to watch me run my 8K this weekend.

    I’m sure many men will be telling the story about how some hot chick was yelling “Run dickweed run!” to them.

  6. If you notice a lot more people running by your house every morning, it’s because she spread the word among runners and everyone wants to see the goods like she did.

  7. Better yet, just move into my house and yell “nice ass” when I get up in the night to pee.

    Maybe that will motivate me to want to get up in the morning……….

  8. Were your pants off because of the crotch rot? Because I’m a bit turned on by the thought of you standing pantless in the window — unless it was to alleviate the crotch rot. Then, I’m just disturbed.

  9. That reminds me of an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm when Larry yells out at Wanda when she’s running, “I’d recognize that ass anywhere!” and she gets all offended . . . she calls him “Assy” and later in the episode when he’s got dirt on his face for some reason she said, “What you been doing, scrounging around lookin’ for asses?”

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