Somebody fucking won something!

So yesterday Crissy and Stoogie put their heads together and Crissy picked the winners of all the great stuff that Stoogie has in his closet taking up valuable sex toy space. And we did it all official like and used or or whatever it’s called and you can blame Crissy if you didn’t win but if you did win then you can thank Crissy.

And to express your gratitude you can also send her that new purple Coachy love she showed you a picture of a few weeks ago.


It costs less than what either the camera or the camera plus tons of other crap would have cost you so it would be saving money.

Crissy is always looking for ways to help the Queefs save a buck in these difficult and trying financial times!

Crissy is magnanimous.

And so anyway, Crissy picked the winning numbers and then to celebrate the winners she had very naughty phone sex with Stoogie and it was sooooo goooood that Crissy’s panties are still wet and she’s changed them twice already and let Crissy also tell you Queefs that he is a very, very dirty boy.

But you kind of already knew that anyway.

So the winners are….

The camera and all the crap that goes with it: MR. PERFECTLY!!!

And the video camera: MELISSA LION who Crissy thinks should celebrate her winning by making a naughty movie of herself with her new camera!

Take it off girl!

Don’t worry Mr. Perfectly. We won’t make you do it too.

Although it is only fair…

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  1. See, I didn’t KNOW what protocol was, and all that crap…..but I was gonna say something in my blog but, well….you know….I thought the people who PICKED the winner should at least say something before I gloat in the light of Mr. P.!!!

    (disco music blares) WOOT WOOT (funny circular arm dance movements that I’ve never been able to perfect) WOOT WOOT!!

    Mr P. WON!! HE WON!! He can now photoshop ME to be all skinny again!!

    As far as fair? I’ll work on the naked Mr. Perfectly stuff, but you know, he’s all conservative and shy and crap. If you are lucky, I’ll capture one lone chest hair. I’ll send it to you for your locket after I try to take a picture of it.

  2. ohhh… so that’s why there are snail tracks on the office chair?

    mr. perfectly, the next thing you need is a wacom tablet. no joke. i have an intuos 4×6 and absolutely LOVE it for pixel pushing. beg, borrow, and steal until you have one.

    melissa, congratulations! i have some very good resources on lighting techniques. light IS photography and cinematography. we’ll be in touch.

  3. Oh, no naked pictures of Kate. Bummer for you all. But yeah for the fun of winning things! Yippe!

    *super jealous of phone sex with Stooge.*

  4. Woohoo for the winners!

    Crissy was a phone sex star! I will hold more contests just to get around to picking more winners with her!

    Shelly, I think bloggy etiquette says that you can post whatever you want because stoogepie is a lazy douchebag who just got around to posting the winners on his own site.

    K8, I think you should still do the nude pictures, just in case I find another camera laying around or something.

    Mr. Perfectly, I agree with Crissy’s Pimp about the Wacom. I have a 6×11 but that’s a little big unless you plan on drawing. But there is nothing wrong with drawing.

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