Crissy Takes Care of Business

Everyone knows that Mondays are for taking care of business and so that is what Crissy is going to do today. Take care of a little business.

Remember when stoogie made a little contest which you may or may not have heard about and remember how the beautiful and talented Ms. Dingo went to dinner with Stoogie to choose the winner of said contest?

Well during that dinner Mr. Dingo, Ms. Dingo’s main squeeze, was challenged to make Crissy a wonderful badge to go along with her winning the Blogger’s Choice thingy.

Crissy has been meaning to show the Queefs what this marvelous badge looks like:



The artistry is stoogie’s and just let Crissy say that the likeness is stunningly accurate, but the photoshopping is all Mr. Dingo. Crissy has had it for a while but to be honest with you Queefs Crissy is not very good with The Technology. Sure, she can whip up one hell of a veggie lasagna, but when it comes to computer things or remembering phone messages or working well with others Crissy is not so good. So Crissy had to ask Mister for help because Crissy could not for her life figure out how to get this thing from her email to her blog.

So thanks Mister and thanks Mr. Dingo for the wonderful badge. Crissy is going with the official Blogger’s Choice one but IT’S NOT BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T LOVE THE ONE YOU MADE FOR HER.

Also, the winner of Stoogie’s contest has not come forward yet. What the fuck is wrong with you Soapbox? Do you not want wonderful prizes? So Stoogie and Crissy are going to pick somebody else.

In other news, Crissy is bummed out that it’s Monday already.

That is all.

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  1. Mondays do suck, don’t they? Somewhere before 5 am this morning, I awoke to a cat sticking his face into MY face. As I laid there fighting the cat (and losing) I wondered to myself “hmmm….is it SUNDAY? or MONDAY?” I had to rethink my day yesterday to even figure out what DAY it was. Crap…it was Monday.

    I think we should have the option of having TWO Sundays if we want it.

  2. not only that, but we missed out on morning nookie because girlfriend was hacking and wheezing within moments of crissy and me both being awake. (apparently she’s got a “cold”–yet another reason for everything to be about HER. damned kids.)

    🙁 <--- disappointed ken

  3. I missed out on morning nookie, too. And by “missed out” I mean “too absolutely tired to even contemplate rolling over” on a Monday morning.

    Sunday mornings, though…

  4. I’m sick. With the Monkey Plague. Monday’s suck. So does the Monkey Plague.

    Glad you like the badge he sent. He’s not going to stop talking about it now. Thanks, thanks from the bottom of my congested nose and queasy stomach heart.

  5. I bet Girlfriend got The Monkey Plague from that contagion carrying brat of bitchmom’s last week.

    Glad i got Sunday nite nookie since Monday morning doesn’t seem conducive to lovin’.

  6. How about I post the badge on my blog….I swear that I’ll link back to you and not try to claim that I won the contest…oh and another thing, I forgot to tell you that soapbox is one of my multiple personalities so just sent all the loot to me….

  7. Please let it be me. Have I mentioned that I’VE NEVER WON ANYTHING IN MY LIFE? Nor have I been hit on in a bar, but I’d rather have a camera — to record Back Fence things and to take dirty pictures of myself, of course.

  8. Mondays aren’t the worst. I think Tuesdays are worse. Why? Cause on the top side of Monday you at least have the weekend. Tuesdays? Theres nothing positive about Tuesday. At least with Mondays you have expectations, its the tuesday that really nails you. Wednesday is ok, cause you can see the weekend coming, and well, it’s called hump day, so thats not so bad.

  9. Melissa.Lion. If you win can I have your books? I’m so sick of this 18th Century Brit Lit crap I have to read for my Brit Novel class!!!

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