Not Fit to Blog

Crissy is not going to blog today because she is out of sorts. And she’s not even hung over.

This is very surprising.

Crissy has just emerged from the shower and while moisturizing realized that she forgot to shave her right leg and rinse the conditioner out of her hair.

Alice has to be at the groomer’s in 30 minutes so Crissy will have to leave the house this morning all hairy (well, partially anyway) and greasy.

Thank Jeezus and Mary it’s Friday, Queefs.

That is all Crissy has to say about that.

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  1. ive done the conditioner mishap before. it actually isn’t a totally bad thing, especially in the getting colder weather here- sometimes it’s good for the dry HOH.

    hope your day gets better missy!

  2. Well, if it’s any consolation, I finally decided on my Halloween costume for the dance tonight and it was all because of you. Naughty Schoolgirl, here I come!

  3. Yesterday morning, I got up, got dressed for my morning run, and somehow while sitting on the bed to put on my socks, I promptly fell back asleep. It must be in the water. Yeah, that’s what we can blame it on!

  4. I haven’t had innernetz almost all day! So, even if you were your usual hilarious self, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it until now. Top that!

  5. I have those kindof days too often to count. I feel ya. The worst is when you forget to rinse conditioner out of your hair and because I’m a dummy it usually takes me a while of wondering what the hell is wrong with my hair before I figure it out.

  6. Hi – congrats on the award! Your link just appeared in my email inbox, just as I’m about to take a bath and tidy up in the old follicle department.

    That’s just weird.

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