Crissy’s Stupid, Stupid Mouth

Remember how stoogie sort of called Crissy on a random comment she made on Mister’s blog about how if she won this blogger thing that she would post a naykee picture of herself?

And remember how when Crissy said that, she never, ever thought in a milliondy gajillion years that it would ever happen?

Like, EVER?

Well, Crissy felt like having a naykee photo shoot this past freezing cold weekend about as much as she wanted to lick Osama Bin Laden’s sandy ball sack (Crissy has him tied up in her garage! Shhhhh!) but she did it anyway because “anything for my public” is Crissy’s motto. And Crissy likes to keep promises she makes during her campaigns because Crissy is Wonderful Like That.

So without further ado…


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  1. And that is why you are QOFE! You are one hot Mommy! Way to go Crissy! (And by the way, Mister should consider himself a very lucky man!-Make sure you remind him of that as much as possible.)
    That photo shoot should have at least earned you a kick ass purse, or new shoes…

  2. You look stunningly beautiful and incredibly hot!

    And the photo is also a testament to Mister’s awesome photographic skills: the lighting, rich colors, and sensual softness of the shot are just amazing.


    Now, if you win in 2009, don’t you have to up the ante a little? Like Dingo, I’m thinking threesome or moresome on videotape.

  3. Great. Now Dane wants me to do one of those. Only like, in a video with some kind of sexy panty dance.


    (You look hot. And beautiful.)

  4. Nice! Who knew Hot Mommmies were that hot?!?

    And on a side note: Props to Mister. Is he available to give my BF some photog lessons? Because I’m pretty sure any naked photo sessions would result in out-of-focus shots with at least one finger in the frame (and not in a good way).

  5. Wow!!! Thanks. But no one has said anything about the ‘carpet matching the drapes’. Am I the only old fart that remembers that stuff? (but very nice as is). I am impressed that Mister could even figure out how to work the camera with a subject like that, but he gets to see it more often than we do (lucky guy).
    I think I’ll blow that up and put it on the side of a Vegas bus here. Can I get a high def version?

  6. “I’m all about those silver pumps you’re sporting.”

    You’re wearing shoes? Made me look again.

    Thanks for making me look again.

  7. Chris is going to kill himself that he missed this moment to do something stupid like go on vacation in paradise…

    Maybe the plague and 24 hour nausea is worth it???

  8. Oh. My. Fucking. God!

    That is awesome! Seriously, blow that bitch up and hang it over your fireplace!

    I need your man to teach my man how to take pics like that because I want one of me!

  9. Congrats on the award!!! Before this pic I could see why you were the hottest mom, but this pic really says it all! Mad props to you and mister!!!

    Lovely pic, well done!

  10. Congrates is in order!

    I must say, your choice of poses, camera, lighting and all of the such, was very nicely and tastefully done!!!

    Keep it up!

  11. I had to look at this after work because apparently “pictures that may contain nudity” are not allowed at work. Even if they’re of the QOFE. Stupid rules, right?

    Anyway. Amazing shot! Totally classy AND hot. Woo hoo!

  12. Love your sense of humor Crissy! I crack up at your third-person tirades every time “Mister” links to your blog. No question about your sensuous photos being top-notch either. I sure haven’t seen any hotter Mommy bloggers. ;0)

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