This is All So Unexpected!

And the winner of the Blogger’s Choice Awards for Hottest Mommy Blogger is…



Woot! Woot!

Crissy didn’t have a speech prepared or anything!


First, Crissy would like to thank her daughter, Girlfriend, without whom she never would have qualified for the category in the first place:


Thanks Girlfriend! Mommy loves you and is sorry that now that we’re super famous and stuff you’ll have to hide from the paparazzi scum even more than before.

Crissy would like to thank Mister for getting her pregnant with Girlfriend in the first place:


Thanks for slippin’ one past the goalie Mister!

Crissy would like to thank her mom for teaching her that a well placed f-bomb is all a girl needs to get ahead in this world:


Thanks Mommy! You were right! As usual…

And of course Crissy has to thank her dear, dear friend, her Champion, her knight in shining armor, the man she is leaving her husband for just as soon as he tells her his real name, STOOGEPIE!

We will make the most gorgeous little comic babies together!

And mostly, Crissy would like to thank her loyal readers for voting for her. She had to beg, and Stoogie had to coerce, but YOU DID IT!!!!!

You made Crissy the true Queen of Fucking Everything!

This is a victory for us all.

You now have the Queen’s permission to leave work, proceed to the nearest bar, and get stinking drunk.

Do it in the name of the Queen.

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  1. Since I can’t stay home from work in your honor, I’m awarding my daughter a mental health day off from school instead! Thanks for giving me an excuse not to have to blast her out of bed with dynamite and poke her with a cattle prod to get her moving! She may NOT, however, proceed to the nearest bar…

  2. Woohoo! Break out the champagne and show us the twins!

    Peoples, the winner of the goodies will be announced tomorrow.

    In the meantime, all bow to the official QOFE! I’m leaving work and getting even more drunk than I am already.

  3. Congrats To the Queen!

    Y’know October could use another holiday (cause Columbus Day is pretty lame.) QOFE Day? Perhaps somebody more awake than me has some inspiring ideas for properly celebrating CrissyDay.

  4. If Dingo gets a sash and tiara, I want one too!!! But mostly I want STOOGIE’S prizes!!!

    Oh….oops….I guess it’s not all about me, huh?

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I DID take off today, but not because you won…I just figured that out…..but because I am sick…..damn monkey plague. But I’m thrilled for you anyway. You beat the pants off of EVRYONE.


  5. daisee, this would hardly be the first time it’s just me, a camera, and crissy in the same room… πŸ˜‰

    believe it or not, this picture is 12.5 years old:

    kguitar (by ride5000kag)

    well there was a guitar and a candle too, i suppose.

  6. This is the best news of the day! HOORAY! YAY CRISSY!!! Congratulations!

    And, duh, you totally deserve it.

    (PS I realize later that I spelled your name Chrissy and not Crissy on my site and felt very bad. Here is my public apology. I sorry!)

    But more importantly. WOOO!!!

  7. I so glad I got in on the bottom floor (when we were laying down drunk on it) so that we’ll still remain friends now that you’re famous!

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