Crissy Does Not Know What to Say…

A $600 prize to see her naked?



Crissy had a post all ready for you for this morning and then she came across Stoogepie’s Naked MILF contest.

And you should all go see because Crissy’s blog is having such naughty sex with Stoogepie’s blog right now that Crissy’s blog doesn’t think she’ll be able to walk after this.

Like, ever again.

You see, it all started a while back when Crissy said on Mister’s blog that if she wins Hottest Mommy Blogger that she would post a naked picture of herself on her blog. And, well, Stoogepie is doing all he can to make sure Crissy makes good on that random thing she said but she doesn’t care because it won’t be the first time she’s been naked on the internet.


It’s just boobies.

Crissy also thinks Stoogie really, really doesn’t want Dooce to win Hottest Mommy Blogger.

Crissy doesn’t either.

Dooce gets everything, Crissy gets nothing.

Crissy wants a turn.

So you all need to go see Stoogepie because he’s offering a prize worth $600 and all you have to do is vote for Crissy for Hottest Mommy Blogger to enter.


And if you haven’t voted for Crissy, what the fuck is the matter with you? Right now Crissy has only one vote more than the woman who takes pictures of her kid’s lunch box contents and calls it a blog.

Crissy knows she’s hotter than that lady.

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  1. NOOOO–MY BLOG is having sex w/ Stoggie’s blog—because I’m trying to talk him into GIVING me those prizes…so I don’t have to take a random chance at winning them.

  2. I validated your hotness and your ability to reproduce AAAAAGES before people started with the bribes. That proves my loyalty.

    I’m still taking the bribe if I win it…for the record.

  3. I’ve never even read Dooce. And I marched right over and voted for Crissy! And I didn’t even do it because of Stoogepie’s contest (but, hey, free stuff? That’d be cool!) And I didn’t do it to see Crissy nekkid on the internets. (Although I am sure that the photo will be ARTISTIC and TASTEFUL).

  4. the blogger award thingy won’t register me correctly—it said it would send me some sort of verification email and it hasn’t….so when I go back, I get all hung up…..anyone that is COMPUTER SMART know what’s up?

  5. I signed up for a username YESTERDAY and still haven’t gotten my confirmation to vote. I feel slighted by bloggerschoiceawards. I even sent them a mean e-mail. But don’t worry, I’m voting for you Crissy. Not because I want to see you naked or anything. (Or do I? Hmmmm…..)

  6. Shelly, I had the same problem yesterday. Waited all day and night and never got the confirmation email. So this morning I created a new account and it worked fine. I think it’s on its period or something.

  7. Dooce. That woman upsets me. I mean, not like politically or morally or anything. I like all of that. I’m for everything she’s for. I’m just bored by her boring posts about her dog eating it’s own poop or whatever (who’s dog doesn’t do that?). I miss the days when she wanted to kill herself and/or her child from the crazy inside her brain. That was interesting.

    OMG, I’m going to hell, aren’t I?

    Anyway, vote for Crissy!

  8. SO i just went and voted for you. This is the first time I ever went to that site and looked at the contest and all that… who the hell is that lady? Why does she have so many damn votes? I didn’t even bother look at her blog and I know your hotter.
    Plus you make me laugh out loud everyday, and I force my boyfriend to sit and listen as I read your blog out loud to him as often as possible.

  9. Um, if you don’t win the contest (Yes, I voted for you) but I win the camera, can I send it to you in exchange for your posting anyway?
    You said not the first time – ? (where, where, please, don’t tell Crissy’s Pimp I asked)

  10. All I’m saying is that the Queefs had better win this.

    Tits are merely a pleasant reward for a job well done. We can take a dooce. I meant, we can take dooce.

    Let’s kick ass.

  11. Waiting for that freaking password (it’s been over 24 hours!) so i can vote in THIS BEST CONTEST EVER. (Even if i don’t win i might still see boobies. Is this a great country or what?)

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