It’s the new blond.


I’m very serious about my new hair. Tell me you love it or I’ll cut you. SAY IT!


I color it with mostly natural Tresstisse with just a little bit of methamphetamine mixed in.


There’s no fan blowing my hair to make it all light and flowy like this. That’s what the meth is for!


Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!



I could do this all day…

Eat your fucking heart out Carrot Top.

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  1. Yes, I love it. Yes, I’m jealous.

    Okay, if I have to be your house bitch to buy your love I’ll apply………but please don’t make me clean……PPLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE.

  2. i totally love it! i have been thinking of going grey’s anatomy addison red for a while now. it looks so good on you! i love that last (moving) picture, and the martini!

  3. imma gonna tell you right now–don’t expect to get another get out of jail free card tonight.

    i’ve been working like a little bitch all morning on the laundry and dishes and i need to take advantage of the hair before the “new chick dick” effect wears off.

  4. OMG I love it!!!! You look great with red hair! But, ahem, the very last picture scared me a little. And maybe even scarred me. He’s just too creepy.

  5. My only experience with trying to dye my hair red turned it an awful pink that took a whole semester of college to grow out. You do it well, my friend. You do it well.

  6. Shelly- You already have my love. I think you need to just sit on the couch with me and we’ll watch your hot sons do the vacuuming. We’ll both enjoy it, just in really different ways.

    Brookem- Do it! It’s so fun!

    Ben- THANKS!

    Beth- Thank you. It’s in my family. I just didn’t get it.

    Maxie- You didn’t have the right shade. I can totally see you as a redhead.

    Essentially- Oh it so does!

    Dingo- I’d much prefer it if you would make me a glass of ice tea and paint them for me. Sucking is not necessary.

    Kiki- Thanks!

    Rachel M.- I’ll be doing it all day!

    Lauren- I love it too. Thank you!

    Shelly- Sorry! I added it afterwards…Come back! I’m commenting now!

    Melissa- Maybe I’ll go short like yours next.

    Neth- Just don’t tell my family how much you enjoy the “new chick dick” like you did last thanksgiving mmmmkay?

    Megan- Red is nice for fall! You’ll match the trees.

    stealthnerd- You and I are curl experts aren’t we?

    Marie- I had to pick a famous red head I was sure I looked nicer than. I think it’s safe to say I found one.

    Kiala- You’re gorgeous with your gorgeous brown hair. It’s so shiny…

    K8- I’ve had that happen before too! It’s really awful.

  7. You. Look. Marvelous!

    You are a WMD in the red! Dangerous and sexy and badass.

    Like Snow White’s delicious apple. But not from that story you posted a while back. From that fairy tale with the dwarves.

    Anyways, you are candy. Yum!

  8. That looks good! And I especially like your Herbal Essences hair-tossing animation. And that martini looks tasty too. Would it be looked down upon at work if I drank my lunch today?

  9. Hot.

    You see that you have the wind blown hair effect, Tyra’s crazy ass always talks about.

    Crissy, Queen of Fucking Everything AND America’s Next Top Model.

    That’s right.

  10. This was a great post with a lovely new “do” until you had to put fugly on there. Ick – Carrot Top really grosses me out. Maybe it’s because he wears more make-up than most women I know.

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