Crissy is Mad Sick, Yo


Mister was very sweet to fill in for me on Friday wasn’t he? Sometimes Crissy gets tired because being the QOFE is exhausting, really and she needs someone to help out around this place. I make it look easy, but swinging jokes around like Holyfield swings punches is hard work.

See? That’s us together this summer.

As it turns out though, it wasn’t the jokes that made Crissy tired. She was coming down with a tumor.

And also her superpower.

Okay, well maybe it’s not a tumor, but it’s definitely Typhoid Fever Bird Flu Monkey Plague Superpower though.

Girlfriend must have brought some germs home from the dirty little mutants at preschool and it made Crissy die to death all weekend.

And she’s still dying to death.

Everything hurts.
Even my hair.

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  1. Good Morning my sweet Crissy! I hope that you feel better soon! You look so pitiful…I wish I could bring you some soup…

  2. Awwww…. I feel so bad for….. MYSELF – I have to go to work without you today?????? WTF???? No, seriously, feel better! Also, I love the shoes. And the sheets. And the comforter. Can I come cuddle with you?

  3. Awwww, you play a really good rendition of a sick Crissy. You deserve an Emmy or Oscar or something. But, glad to hear you’re taking a sick day, too. We sickos really need to be good to our bodies to get them back to being strong. Be good to you.

  4. Lynne- I’m here for a little while. I brought you cupcakes.

    Essentially- Mine too.

    Nilsa- Oh, I’m not faking it sista! I’ve got the snotty tissues to prove it.

  5. Oh man…I’ve been there! It’s bad enough to have the Superpower, but don’t add Typhoid Fever Bird Flu Monkey Plague to it! That’s just wrong! I mean, you can’t even lie there in peace (and by peace I mean wishing your uterus would stop ripping itself apart and by wishing I mean screaming it at the top of your lungs), no, you’ve got to pause and blow your nose too! THAT IS JUST WRONG!

    I hope you feel better!!

  6. You know, after all you’ve done for Butterfly Barbie, you’d think the bitch would pitch in in a pinch. But no, she’s probably at your desk at work right now, looking up porn and ordering a new Barbie cruise ship or something.

    Feel better soon. If your hair falls out, Girlfriend and her friends can always use Sharpies to draw you new hair.

  7. Oh, Crissy, I’m sorry you’re sick! Having your superpower at the same time is just icing on the cake. Except, in this case, the icing is all bloody and clotted.

    Nose spray rocks, just like all the other things that you stick up your nose.

    Anyways, feel better, yo. Because I said so.

  8. I am with you. I have already used an entire roll of toilet paper blowing my nose and it’s only three. Also, my nose hurts because you’re not supposed to use toilet paper to blow your nose.

  9. The next time I have The Plague, I’m going to insist that your list of OTC prescriptions are brought to my bedside, and I will also need for my sick bed to be surrounded by netting and lit from the back. I will be Sick a la Crissy.

  10. okay, I’ll try AGAIN….I got my SUPERPOWER this weekend too….that is why I took such care to use latex GLOVES while choppping the habanero peppers that Mr. Perfectly likes in his salsa…….no habanero juice in the lady bits.

    I’m…..let’s see…..SICK TOO….yeah….sick. That’s what they call it….sick. Call me…we’ll compare notes.

  11. Feel better soon, Crissy.
    Superpower + SARS/Bird Flu/Black Plague, etc. = no fun
    And you must be sick, cuz I can’t even IMAGINE Crissy leaving a party early!

  12. Chrissy – I’m so sorry you’re sick. But even in the face of death, you spout out humor like nobody else.

    Also, I really hope Girlfriend will get what’s coming to her after bringing that home!!!

  13. No way.

    You didn’t post today!

    I’m coming to your house and making sure you’re okay.

    I’ll bring vodka. Well, it’ll be half a bottle by the time I get there, but it’s the thought that counts.

  14. I have bad news. Girlfriend will continue to bring home nasty germs cuz the only thing our little petri dishes share is microbes. This will happen until she is through high school but less and less often as she goes up in grades.

    My sympathies.

    As a side note, I thought all parties began when you got there and ended when you left? Did someone forget to send me a memo?

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