Crissy Wants A Stripper Pole in Her Room Now

Remember Internettians when I said I was going to try out Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease Workout?

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  1. All this time I have been underestimating the power of the “finger in the mouth.” I’m going to try to use that move on my students today when their eyes start to glaze over during our poetry section. I might even throw in that evil (sexy?) laugh.

  2. Will you come to Chicago to teach me the finger in the mouth trick? Cuz, ummm, I could use me some of that around my house. And I’m not sure I get it merely through a video. Plus, you’re also going to have to show me how to balance the wine glass with finger in mouth while gyrating the hips. You’re a tough act to follow, Mizz Crissy!

  3. hahahahahahahahahahah

    I just…


    I mean….


    I can’t breathe


    I’ll try later…


    …when I can type normally….



  4. You did so well with the striptease that I pulled out my wallet at several points during this video. Yeah. I pulled out my… wallet.

    So, you start out with the feather boa in front, then you wear it as a cape, then you lose it altogether by the time you get to the ass-smacking. But after you lose the boa, no more stripping! More stripping in the sequel, please.

    How is Ken managing to keep the camcorder steady? I hear him clicking pictures with his ever-handy Canon EOS in the background as he also shoots the video.

  5. Any exercise video that makes you warm up your wrists is not okay with me, I’m sorry. This was clearly meant to be done with a glass of wine in your hand.

  6. this is the best thing ever. and the pics on your hubbys blog are priceless as well.

    my rule is everything is better with wine, even “exercise”

  7. ok, so i’ll be home a little late today. i’m swinging by home depot and picking up a nice pipe, some brackets, and associated hardware.

    a week or two swinging on and around it will whip you into the best shape of your life in no time! once you get proficient you can do demonstration/tutorial videos. blog hits will skyrocket. i can assemble parts for a DIY kit and sell them on the side. pole dancing will never be the same–we’re gonna bring it to the people!


    ps even if they slow you down, i love those shoes.

  8. Ok. Can you please teach me how to balance on heels while holding a glace of wine? No seriously, I suck at that.

    Note to self-need to buy me one of those feather boa thingies.

  9. Is it hard to decide what stilettos to wear for your workout? Seems like it would be. The sequins are brilliant. I’m going to start wearing a sequined top when I do my wii fit routine.

  10. This was amazing. I think the stripper pole should just been thrown in with every purchase of Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease. It’s only fair.

  11. Jesus fucking christ am I turned on right now. Well, it’s good to know that you will always have a back up job as a stripper.

    Seriously, I laughed my ass off. Thank you for that.

  12. Where can I find sparkly tops in a PLUS size?

    Balancing the wine? No problem for me……I can pour it from the box CLEAR TO THE top of the glass and still make it back to my recliner.

    Heels, that may be a problem….my center of gravity is off……..

  13. I love you. I was really pissed at the world, and you just made my night. Seriously.

    Can you please move to Portland now so we can be Best Friends Forever? I promise to take you to all the best strip joints!

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