A Post in which I Include a Gratutious Number of Pictures of My New Purse

I found this purse the other day I was all “I love it!” and Girlfriend was like “don’t buy it mommy. It’s too stupid. I want to go home!”

This worried me a little as usually she is quite the little fashionista and has very good taste, except for all the stuff with Hello Kitty and Elmo on it, but whatever. Everyone has their weaknesses.

She loves these shoes, for example

and she will not take them off, not even to sleep. It’s kind of cute actually, but you see what I’m saying don’t you Internet? Her taste isn’t exactly without it’s hint of the flamboyant and the colorful.

So I bought the bag despite her protest and showed it to Mister when he got home. He looked at it and said “it’s blue.” That’s all he said. Not “that’s nice!” or “wow! Can I borrow that?” Nothing. So I’m guessing everyone hates my new bag, but I love it. It makes me feel Very Fancy and I can shoplift at the grocery store all the live long day fit all the essentials inside it because it is HUGE.

I used it all weekend.









You’re jealous as hell, aren’t you?



Maybe I’ll let you borrow it sometime.

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  1. I think what Girlfriend meant was, “It’s stupid unless you wear it with these kickin’ pink crocs.” However, I think this is one time I will have to disagree with Girlfriend. The purse is awesome. So are all the sundresses. Can I come raid your closet?

  2. I agree with Dingo – I would a) kill for the sundresses out of your closet and b) steal the bag from you if given the opportunity.

    The blue is TOTALLY in this season, and if I weren’t as big as a house, I would totally rock it as well.

  3. The purse is great–and I think Ken was just surprised that it wasn’t purple.

    As for Girlfriend–my daughter thinks that I should be wearing Dorothy shoes and other ghetto sparkly Baby Phat clothing whenever we shop–so I might suggest that while she may have moments of brilliance, this is why you are to lead the way for her and show her that she’s wrong.

    Most shockingly, I can’t even believe that you let her wear those shoes.

    And I love pic #4.

  4. it’s true… i don’t get excited about purses.

    you don’t get excited about air compressors, electric guitars, SLR camera lenses, or epoxy (just to name a few things) but i don’t hold that against you.

    now if you came strolling in from shopping with a nice internal frame hiking backpack, that’d be another story.

    my metrosexuality only goes so far.

  5. Hey, I have a kinda huge green purse. Maybe I should throw on my blue dress and take pictures all over the house. Then we can be opposites. And besties at school. Until you tell me you hate me. And I go to the corner and cry.

  6. Girlfriend only thought it was stupid because she wasn’t getting one too. That’s how I react to people that have things I don’t have;

    “Your car/house/diamond/hot Latino gardener is stupid”

  7. Huge purses rule. Really.

    I’m sorry, that’s all I have. I was out partying with KK and four other hot women. But you know what, the night wasn’t complete because you weren’t there.

  8. I am a flawed woman. I do not get excited about purses. There – I said it! I do like it though, it’s a prettiful blue color.

  9. Dingo- Anytime girlfriend! Come on over!

    Leah- Just wait. I used to be a small purse girl too…and then baby!

    Rach- I knew you’d like it. You’re always in the bag. I mean into bags. INTO.

    Stealthnerd- It never stopped the Olson twins.

    Neth- I wish you’d just admit that you want to borrow it.

    Marie- I love the color too. I have nothing that matches it, but fuck it.

    Nilsa- I would never hate you!!!!

    Rachel M- I do the same thing only I say “your car/house/diamond/hot Latino gardner is so last season.”

    Ben-That’s the only way you’ll get them off of her–pry them from her cold dead feet.

    Melissa- You can fit a ton of extra underpants in huge purses. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to party…boo.

    Matt- Yes.

    Lynne- I’m sorry. We can’t be friends anymore.

    Chris- THANK YOU! Fianlly, somebody acknowledges that I’m sitting on the toilet!!! What’s wrong with everybody?

  10. I thought it was pretty obvious you were sitting on a toilet. Don’t think it needed to be pointed out.

    Why do men always have to say, “Its nice” when women show us stuff? I think feigned indifference is the way to go.

  11. love love love the toilet pic. hilarious!! classic even.

    and the purse? GREAT color!

    i have a purse obsession, it’s bad. no one needs to buy uber designer bags on my salary.

  12. I noticed that you were sitting on the toilet but I thought it was Chocolate Raspberry Cookies Part II and I didn’t want to jump ahead of your posting about that.

  13. It’s blue.

    So, do you have any air compressors, electric guitars, SLR camera lenses, epoxy or internal frame hiking backpacks?

    All your pics are very sexy. Pic number 5 is totally art. And you should put that last pic on a t-shirt. It fucking rocks.

  14. Rachel M- I fucked it up didn’t I?

    rs27- You’re single. Think about it.

    Alexa- I have a thing for them too. It’s a sickness.

    Dingo- You’re so thoughtful!

    Jim- I’m so glad you still respect me.

    Stoogpie- Maybe I’ll have a contest and put that picture on a tee shirt as the big prize…

    Rach- I’m all downsy today too.

  15. LOVE the bag. There is nothing better than a big colorful bag – don’t listen to anybody! I have a big yellow one and my dad always likes to ask why I felt the need to carry a suitcase around with me. Men – they just don’t understand fashion.

  16. I fucking LOVE that bag. Where from? Is that the Forever 34 bag?

    That dress is so great. I can’t wait until payday. I’m going to go buy everything you’re wearing and make Dane take pictures of me on the toilet.

    Is that….that sounded creepy, didn’t it?

  17. Did you stage that toilet shot? Or did he really catch you on the pot? My big purse is Denim and looks like it might previously been the seat of someone’s pants so I’m with ya on the big purse issue, people just don’t understand.

  18. I love it…love it….LLLOOOVVEEEEIIIITTTT (she sings in an opera voice) when you come visit me in Missouri, I’ll borrow it then. Okay? You can borrow my Kohl’s one.

  19. I love it, it suits you perfectly. I especially love the blue & green combo. I have to admit though, it takes one hell of a bag to get me excited about it. I mean really, I’m sporting a army-navy surplus store medic bag with all kinds of pockets to hide cell phone, zune, flask of single malt scotch, lighter etc…. I’m prepared…..

  20. megkathleen- No. Men don’t get it. My dad would say the same thing.

    Kiala- Not creepy at all. I’d love to see my dark haired twin peeing in my dress and bag. Also, it came from TJ MAXX. I don’t know if you have one near you.

    Lauren-The color is what got my attention too.

    Neth- You might be waiting a long time.

    Mom- I’ll have it blown up and framed for you.

    Denise- Staged for comedy.

    Shelly- You are the purse expert so an endorsement from you is worth a lot!

    Kendra- Potato gun, flask of scotch…you are my favorite.

  21. Oh, Jeff wanted me to correct myself. It apparetnly is not a potato GUN, it’s a potato CANNON. I will have a picture for you. And, as far as the blowtorch thing. I have just what you need sistah!

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