Crissy:Comic Edition

On Monday morning I opened my email to find this:

strip 1

it continues:

strip 2

It’s from stoogepie just in case you missed it, and it made me feel all special and stuff that he made this for me because most of the time I’m lucky if people shit in a bag and give it to me for a present but this is certainly not shit in a bag.

It’s genius.

I’ve never looked so good in yellow and it’s probably the only time my picture will ever appear on the side of a building since nobody in Schmuckytown will be putting one up.


I have only one complaint though. He got my boobies totally wrong. They’re much larger in real life, but whatever. We’ve never actually met in person and so I guess it’s pretty good for his first try.

He told me he didn’t want me to pimp his blog but I have poor listening skills or whatever and so I did it anyway.

Now go see him and give the boy some love.

DO IT!!!


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  1. This is one of your funniest posts Crissy, uh, Stoogepie, um…

    Is that a TWAT team in front of the building? At least you are fully protected. If they broght condoms.

  2. I think there’s going to be a line over at stoogepie’s blog today. I want me some of my own comic strip. Though, mine wouldn’t be nearly as provocative as yours. He’d probably put me in a long nightgown buttoned high on the neck.

  3. Laughing….still laughing…can’t…stop…oh this is just too awesome of a post!!! πŸ™‚

    I bet you the prez does smell like old people.

  4. Dingo- I laughed out loud at the TWAT team.

    Nilsa- You’d be in a wedding gown holding a registry scanner.

    Marie- He’s a funny dude.

    Neth- This wasn’t enough for you? I’m in bed with a stoogepie pig!

  5. Wow, I’m jealous. Queen of Fucking Everything AND your own CARTOON? Geez…….give us peons a chance to be FABULOUS!!!!! πŸ™‚

    I wish I was a hot blogger so I could get fun cartoons with me and perfectly proportioned boobies IN MY EMAIL BOX!

    Stoogiepie, good cartoon…….but you missed the mark….Crissy wants a BMW, NOT a barbie car……….

  6. shelley, in stooge’s defense regarding the choice of car, that looks a lot like a beemer 3 series convertible:

    notice the grill design, the double-projector headlights, side marker turn signals on the rear of the front quarter panels, the shape of the hood emblem…

    the man misses nothing!

  7. Melissa- I know, right?

    Matt- yes he is.

    Shelly- I’d settle for either one,really. I mean a Barbie car is cool too.

    Neth- Oooooohhhh. You know I thought there were subtle hints of the BMW grill…he really doesn’t miss anything does he? Shit.

  8. Well, I went back to look at the pink car BEFORE i wrote, and i wondered if it was an abstract likeness of a BMW……but I was jealous that she got a cartoon and I didn’t, so I HAD to complain about SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!


  9. to avoid any misunderstandings and hurt feelings, i feel compelled to point out that the comic was a bit of a quid pro quo (or was it tit for tat?) gesture by stoogie, who was sent something first–though it was hardly of the same caliber of work.

  10. Ken is right. There was indeed a quid pro quo, though I do prefer the phrase tit for tat. But I must remain silent about what it was.

    For those of you who want your own comic, though, feel free to use your imagination!

  11. I created my own comic once. I had this bes friend named Jughead and I couln’t decide between Betty and Veronica, but Reggie Mantle was always getting in the way.

    those were the days.

  12. Wow…That is really cool. I haven’t had a chance to “lurk” and read the blog for awhile. I have missed a lot, and I just talked to you. I to am curious as to what the “tit for tat” was though.

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