And She Can Cook Too!

Today I will share with you my favorite vegetable lasagna recipe because this girl and this whore and this little cutie over here who does it every day on her blog, are like all culinary and stuff and I’m feeling inspired.

So here, have another video.

It’s not as long as last week’s I swear to Jeebus.

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  1. De-lurking for the first time… I just HAD to tell you that you are now officially my culinary hero! I plan on recreating your recipe in the near future. My only concern is that it won’t be as delicious since I’m not the Queen of Everything. 🙁

  2. KiKi- Don’t sell yourself short. You don’t have to be the Queen to rock it out in the kitchen.

    Rach- you should do some cooking stuff on your blog because you’re so creative in the kitchen.

  3. You are a culinary genius. Just last night, Sweets and I were watching the Next Food Network’s Star. And I swear I said, Crissy should be on here. Now, it’s confirmed. You’d rock their world with your culinary delights and your queen of everything TV personality.

  4. That’s it! I’m taking your recipe and making your Vegetable Lasagna. It’s just too mouth watering for words.

    If you still want a new name for your blog, I think you just found it: Queen of F*cking Everything!

  5. Oh, if we lived on the same coast, our children would be barefoot and wandering the streets and our men would be starving to death because we’d always be doing bad things to each other.

    One more thought, why is watching someone prepare prepared food so damn funny? I laughed for the full five minutes. Everyone do a cooking show where you prepare something prepared! Please!

  6. I love that you wore the label I made you! I also love that you have that thing on your fridge that I put in your mailbox a while ago! As far as the cooking goes, Rachel Ray isn’t fit to fasten your apron. And while we’re speaking of aprons, I am equally amazed that you were able to cook such a culinary delight without so much as a spot on your white shirt! Bravo! GF is adorable as always.

  7. I fucking love you!

    And I have to say, I saw a newscast last night about a woman in Portland Oregon who saved a lady from jumping off a bridge to her doom, they gave her a plaque a PLAQUE, and I thought “SEE if that lady gets one Crissy should get an award too!” your town dropped the ball lady~

  8. OMG, I could never show even a sliver of my refrigerator on the internets! There’s almost as much food on the outside of it as the inside. Well, not on the parts where Dingo Girl can lick it off. That part is nice and clean.

  9. Nilsa- Yeah. I rocked it didn’t I?

    Marie- I’m putting that in as one of the choices for the new name.

    Melissa- I don’t know but I laughed my ass off at your hot dog preparation too!

    Arielle- I was going to call you the whore but then I remembered that Jim likes to be a whore. So yeah. You’re the little cutie.

    Lynne- I’m going to frame that thing as soon as I get a chance.

    Denise- They so did. Fucktards.

    Shelly- In the video I make prepared frozen lasagna. It’s fascinating.

    Dingo- Get her a chair so she can reach the high parts. DUH!

    Neth- That’s what Ive been telling you!

    JoeInVegas- No there was nothing written on it.

    Matt- Shit. You missed it. Tonight I’m making peanut butter and jelly. You in?

    Chris- You’re the prettiest princess of them all, aren’t you?

  10. Dogs having parties?!?! this is insane. You must live in Pets Mart. Or is it Pet Smart?

    It was nice of you to let girlfriend borrow your tiara.

  11. Crissy, Crissy, Crissy.

    First thanks for mentioning all the tasty recipes I am putting up at The Dudes Dad.

    Second that was damn funny. I about fell out of my chair when you pulled the lasagna out of the fridge.

    Third veggie? really? Ew! give me a home made lasagna made with sweet Italian sausage instead of beef any time.

  12. OMG…I’m next! I’m doing one next! Look for it on Monday people!

    That was awesome.

    you know what we started…well, what you two started and I’m doing as well?

    A meme.

    This is the new meme…preparing prepared foods cooking shows. WOOT1!!!1

  13. YEAH!! I got to watch your video (finally) I TOTALLY agree w/ Nilsa…….you need to be on ‘The Next Food Network Star’. Your culinary ‘point of view’ can be Queen of Fucking Everything preparing prepared food!! You KNOW the Fucking Queen wannabes would make you the top rated chef!!!

  14. Great idea this. It is always difficult to thin of varied things to cook especially for a hungry family and some of the ideas here and elsewhere on your site have given me some great ideas so thak you!

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