Crissyspage Sucks!

I need help from the Internet.

I have a problem and it’s been bothering me for a long time now and I thought I could handle it on my own but it turns out I can’t.

I think the name Crissy’s Page is really, really, fucking stupid.

I’ve always thought so but I didn’t care too much because I never thought anyone would read the blog anyway so whatever. I put zero thought into the name so when I started this thing where it said blog name or whatever I just typed Crissy’s Page in just as you would type the word “test” or “suck my ass” to make sure something works.

But now that a lot more people besides Rachel and Lynne and my mom are reading I feel rather embarrassed about it.

I mean seriously.

Crissy’s Page?




Makes me look like a jackass.

The whole blog name angst started one day when I was having a conversation with Surviving Myself about blogging and then I said I hated the name of my blog and he said something to the effect of “thank god you said that because when I first saw it I thought seriously, that’s all she could come up with?’ and so we set out to find a new name and I bounced a few off him but nothing stuck.

And then I asked Rachel for her help because her blog name, Get Your Freak On is fucking great and she’s great at naming things but all we came up with was the “I’m sort of a big deal” tag line and also Atomic Blonde which Lynne liked too and that’s the best we have so far.

But I think we can do better because all of you on my blogroll and some of you who aren’t on there but I love anyway have great blog names.

Great ones!

I wish I had a neat little list to give you and you can just choose one, but I can’t even get that far. I’m having such issues and so I need you to use your creativity for good instead of evil and help me you guys. And there’s something in it for you because I know how this world works don’t you worry. You have until next Tuesday to either email me: or put your suggested name in the comments section of this post. I will set up a way for people to vote on the names that I like for the following week and then the winner will get a T-shirt with the name on it. Either that or some underpants or something. Or maybe I’ll pay to have it tattooed on your ass. I haven’t decided yet.

And I don’t just want the other bloggers to help out. Nay nay, I’m also talking to you non-bloggers who are so sweet to read and comment, and also to you lurkers who never comment but I know you’re there people so don’t think you’re getting away with something because


And please put some fucking clothes on, okay?

Maybe if you win a T-shirt you can wear it instead of nothing like you usually do.

God, I hope people participate in this because if they don’t I’m going to feel like a giant

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