1. You? Hilarious. Me? Broken record. No shock there, on either counts.

    I love you *waited* until after dark to record this. Does that mean you’re actually trying to shade your daughter’s eyes from your, err, antics? Or are you just afraid of what the neighbors might think should you do this during the day? Either way. THANK YOU! 🙂

  2. Rach- To Infinity and Beyond!

    Nilsa- Our neighborhood is loaded with little kids and even though I may be a tad, ahem, eccentric I know better than to expose the innocent to it. Otherwise, I don’t give a rat’s ass what the neighbors think of me.

  3. Brilliant! I like how you had the guts to do it and the sense not to “expose” yourself to the kiddies. Nice. I don’t understand how you changed so quickly inside that little tent. I’m thinking you actually are a superhero!

  4. Here are the things I took from this video.

    1) You have a huge house.
    2) You have enough agility to dive into a small child’s tent.
    3) Cuuuuuute knee highs.
    4) Strap ons give women super powers.

    That last one I suspected, and I’m just glad it was confirmed.

  5. Lynne- I can get my bra off without taking my shirt off. Can you?

    Melissa- There are cushions inside the tent otherwise I wouldn’t have attempted it. I’m old and broken, really.

    Neth- It ain’t comin.

    Chris- Shortly after this video was made there was an angry pitch fork wielding mob at my door. I have no idea what they wanted but we poured hot tar on them and they went away.

  6. Whats up with all this schaudenfreud?

    Ha, German word. I’m awesome. Ok seriously whats his real name. Bren P. Seaman? Yeah sure. Ok. You guys could have come up with a little less obvious childish name.

    I.P. Freely is very angry right now.

  7. rs27- That really is his name, I swear it. He hates it. His kids have his wife’s name because he didn’t want to curse them with it. When he was in the navy, he was Seaman Seaman.

    I knew no one would believe it.

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