1. OMG – this is hilarious. Especially because I was recently talking to my neighbors who call catnip Kitty Pot. I’m totally going to share this video with them. You’re making Ben a star!

  2. 1)hahaha – You are fucking ridiculous.

    2)When I first saw that box of papers I thought it was edible underwear.

    3)You’re an Artistic Director??? You never told me!

  3. Chris-
    1) um, yeah.
    2) No, just girlie papers. And they’re not mine!
    3) I don’t like to brag about my titles, but I’m also Queen of Fucking Everything.

  4. OMG that was sooo incredibly wrong!! (even though Im sitting here, tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing so hard)

    For one thing I can’t get that song out of my head now, damn you!!! LOL

    I’ve joked for years that I was going to open a kitty Methadone clinic…….

  5. Kiala- I made it for you.

    K2- I know. That song is very CATchy.

    Jim- Do you roll your own ciggies? Are you impressed by my mad skills with the rolling machine?

  6. Hilarious! But I was kind of hoping the cat would get all hyper and start doing flips in the air (that’s what my cat used to do) because I really wanted to see the biggest pussy in the world run around like crazy.

    Also, please tell me that wasn’t your kitchen counter that Pussy Galore was getting high on.

  7. Jim- Cheater.

    Melissa- I hate weird messages.

    Meg- He’s 12 years old and obese. His flip and crazy are all used up I’m afraid. And yes, that’s my kitchen counter. He hangs out there a lot. Would you want to tell him he can’t?

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