1. although my initial reaction to cat week was to be “Negative Nancy”, I thought that was hilarious.  Pissing off Benny warms the cockles….
    Can every week be about Crissy’s Pussy?!  😉

  2. rachel… i have nothing against every week being about my wife’s pussy. he’s such an elusive creature that my curiosity never gets satiated.

    i feel left out though. i have to find a rooster so i can participate.


  3. Rach- You always like to tease my pussy when you come to visit,  so of course you loved this video.  I’m considering changing my blog’s name to “Crissy’s Pussy Palace” or “All things Pussy.”  How do those names grab you?

    Neth- Imagine all the cock and pussy videos we could make! 


  4. I LOVE Guys and Dolls!!!!

    How long did it take you to make those things? Why are you so crafty? You don’t…do you..please tell me you don’t scrapbook.

  5. Nilsa- He has a thing for Harry Potter, so I thought the glasses would make him happy.

    Kiala- It took me about 5 minutes. AND GOD NO!!! I don’t scrapbook. Shame on you for thinking such a foul thought. My wedding pictures are still in envelopes in a box in my closet, that’s how not album-y I am.

    Jim- That’s pretty much how he looks at me all the time. He has zero respect for me.

  6. other new blog titles:
    Pussy Galore
    Crissy’s Kitty Kat Club
    What Makes Crissy Meow…
    Crissy’s Hot Button

    hmmm…maybe we’ve taken the pussy jokes too far.

  7. in Crissy’s defense, she does not scrapbook–those are the masks that Hubby wears to keep her interested as he “plays through”.

  8. Lynne- I know. I’ve seen a picture of kitty cat-ane.

    Chris-I do fucking not!

    Rach- What makes Crissy Meow is my favorite! And thank you. You know I don’t scrapbook.

  9. I love how the martini glass is really what pissed Kitty off – are you not sharing your vodka with him?

    Also, you can never take pussy jokes too far – They are cracking me up!

  10. Rach- EXACTLY!! Although, you could always drink vodka while scrapbooking, but I think it’s best to stay away from scissors when you’re cocktailing. It’s just a good policy to have.

    Jim- He so knows it.

    Meg- No, I do share my vodka with him, he was pissed that it wasn’t a real vodka. Pussy jokes are fun aren’t they?

  11. Rach- Thank you. That’s going to go through my head all night now. Just wait until you see tomorrow’s post. Just you wait Miss Wachul.

    Chris- I know, right? That’s why I love her. She’s my bff, you know.

  12. My favorite part was when your green sleeve appeared and picked up the martini glass…slowly…slowly…mustn’t let the pussy know there’s jazzy music playing and this will be on the internet because he might smother me in the night.

    That’s what I was thinking at least.

  13. Loll such a cute video, love to watch some really nice pet videos thanks alot for putting such fun video. by the way like your pussy cat so cute:) nice music in background as well.

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