Seymore Butts

So yesterday I visited Melissa Lion and I noticed that she had posted a picture of her bum. And I told her that it made me sad because I’m a really a big wuss and didn’t have the courage to do something so bold.

And so then she visited me and asked me nicely to post a picture of my bum.

And then I visited her and there was this post.

I started to get a little misty when I read what she wrote about all the self-loathing we do and how we should focus on our pretty parts instead of how much we hate our bodies and I thought “what the hell? I’m all in.”

We took several pictures, my butt and me.

We thought maybe we’d use this photo of my butt wearing jeans from a couple of weeks ago, but that would be taking the easy way out.


So we went to the panty drawer which was a challenge because it’s late in the week and we haven’t been keeping up with the laundry.

I’ve always felt that Bridget Jones and I are kindred spirits, so I figured I’d try her scary stomach sucking in panties worn by grannies the world over.


But ew! Not a good look for Renee Zellweger, not a good look for Crissy.

So we tried these, and they were okay. And we decided to go with them because like we always say, if you’re gonna go, GO BIG.

_MG_2762 copy_resize.jpg

So we did.

I extend the challenge to all of you to take a picture of your favorite body part, allow yourself to see what your husbands, fiances, boyfriends, girlfriends, or lovers see in you, and post it on your blog, or in the comments section here. Hell, post it on your refrigerator if you want to, but do it.

It’s time we start loving our bodies and being proud of the prettiest pieces of ourselves.

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  1. Girlfriend, you’re not lying when you said you went out on a limb … or two limbs as the legs might show. Awesome! Zexy! We’ll see if I can find the courage.

  2. Oh, now I’m crying! Look at how luscious your bottom is! LOOK!!!!!

    Now you may never insult your butt again. Oh, I didn’t mention that was part of the deal, did I? Oops.

    I can’t wait to see other people’s pretty parts.

    Thanks for doing this! I can’t stop typing.

  3. If I can figure out how to take a picture of my eyes without blinding myself, I’m in, otherwise most of my other body parts are still loathesome and most definitely not fit to post.

  4. Neth- You enjoyed this project way too much! And yes, I took the thong picture out. I just didn’t have the chops for it. Maybe I’ll post it tomorrow if people want to see it.

    Nilsa-If a chicken like me can do it so can you! Do it!

    Melissa- That was rather liberating. Thank you for having the courage to go first! And I’ll never talk mean about my bum ever again.

    Lynne- You are a hottie. Don’t even pretend like you’re not.

    Chris- Boys get in the pool too! Your turn!

    Ashley- No. I’m flattered.

  5. Oh my husband is going to love this project, he’s at work though so we will have to do this tomorrow. I think it will be a good Friday morning nature blogging post, heh.

  6. Kiala-OMG I forgot all about your Famous Person. Good luck tomorrow! I’m sure Famous Person gets requests like that all the time, so no. It wouldn’t be weird.

  7. You are the “after” picture to my “before” baby! Good Job showing off your yoga cheeks. You are inspiring me to start…

  8. Chris- Yeah. Boys have far fewer pretty parts, don’t they? Poor things.

    Jim- It’s not for shy people.

    Rach- Yo-ga! Yo-ga! Yo-ga! I’ll send you some DVDs.

  9. congrats! You have a hot ass… and girl, your skin is lush. (I am not a perve, just an overly coffeed friend of Melissa Lion. on my way to yoga as we speak.)

  10. Rach- ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I’m glad you at least still have them.

    NC Lady- Well thank you very much! And I never for a second thought you were a perve. Thanks for coming to check out my ass!

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