Priceless Thursdays

Shhhhhhhh!!! They’re home right now! And the hotties boys are in the garage with the motorcycles. Keep your voices DOWN!!!

Ok, ok, here it is,


On Tuesday, we were all in agreement that the right thing to do is to put a strong pimp hand to the situation and so I did. And I feel much better. And I’m sure you do too.

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  1. I love your graceful twists and turns while throwing poop…btw, I hope there was some sort of loop that Ken created because that was a WHOLE LOT of yuck in your yard.

    Did your neighbor at least put down her beer–or is she passed out by sunset?

  2. Leah-Thank you. And I cannot recommend shitting your pants. Been there, done that. It’s not attractive. 🙂

    Rach-Believe it or not, there is NO LOOP in the video. There really was that much poop. I didn’t even get it all because the dad came home and he’s a rather large, bulging man. I had to beat feet out of there before I could finish the job.

  3. maybe that’s why the former owner painted your house brown…you unknowingly moved into 31 “unleash your pets to crap on my lawn” Lane…

  4. This is HILARIOUS! I’m bowing down to you. Next time, maybe you’ll want to leave those dear presents for your neighbor on their front walk? Or stoop? Or even better, in their mailbox. Lesson learned!

  5. rach, although i can see where, due to the sheer volume, one might think there had to be a loop involved, all scenes of poop scooping and subsequent poop chucking are unique and non-repeated.

    as you can imagine, tequilla is a big dog.

  6. LOVE IT!!! Shit on you, neighbors!!! Wasn’t that fun? Although when I did it, we just shot it like a catapult or a slingshot like it was raining shit on their side of the yard.

  7. In broad daylight mind you!! I’ve never been more proud of you. I am amazed at how much shit was there! Don’t you wish you could see their faces when they find all that in THEIR yard?

  8. Rach-That is a distinct possibility.

    Nilsa-MAILBOX!!!! Brilliant. I didn’t think of that. I’m putting that in the vault for next time.

    Neth-thank you for being the geinus behind the camera and in the editing room. I’m all thumbs when it comes to doin’ stuff on the ‘puter.

    Denise-thank you!

    Subie-you have some big brass balls there my friend. And yeah, it was really fun!

    Lynne-No I don’t want to see their faces when they discover large nuggets of dog shit on the roof of their van. I’ll have some ‘splainin to do…did I mention what a large man our neighbor is? Yeah. I’m gonna get killed.

  9. Uh oh…now my office smells like pee. Thanks a LOT! No, really, thanks – that was quite funny. (That’s the understatement of the year.)

    Also, I really like your headband – you looked very cute in your poop-throwing outfit.

  10. Meg-I’m very sorry about the pee. I hope you don’t expect me to clean it up. You know how I feel about that. And you’re welcome for the blogroll. You funny lady.

    Jim-So. Fucking. Fun. Loved it!

  11. Kiala-our neighbor is standing outside in the driveway talking to my husband RIGHT NOW! And they’re motioning in the general direction of the poop flinging. I hope they didn’t notice the nuggets on top of their van!! I think I’m going to throw up.

    If it goes viral we’re going to have to move.

  12. Jim-I have no doubt that it’s something you’d do.

    Neth- If it does, we’ll just shovel that over the fence too.

    Kendra- I knew you’d be proud of me!

  13. That is awesome. Side note- I used to do this as a kid when my parents sent me outside to clean up the dog poo on our lawn. *our* dog’s poo. I’m sure they never knew about it as they probably would have been horrified to see me flinging it over the fence, but it was easier than carrying a bucket.

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