Crissy’s Dog Week!

I had no idea it was going to be dog week this week, but it is apparently since everything I have planned for you is dog related. All. Week. Long.

Aren’t you so excited you could just pee?

Anyway, I’m sick with some sort of monkey disease and not feeling very enthusiastic today, and seeing as it is dog week and all I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to ask my dog Alice to guest blog for me while I recover from the monkey thing.

She stayed up late last night preparing this video for you about the joys and pitfalls of ice fishing without thumbs.

You’d better leave a nice comment for her.

It’s her first time blogging.

PS: A totally freaky thing just happened. I’m at work right now, and a beautiful male brindle Greyhound just walked in through the automatic doors and straight to the back room where I was just sitting here, minding my own business, and contemplating dog week. The dog officer has already come to pick him up…sniffle.

I wanted to keep him.

I’m not even fucking kidding you.

Freaky shit, huh?

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  1. Rachel- If dogs DID inherit the earth it would be covered in shit. Well, more shit than there is already.

    Neth- I only wish we could have captured the snorkeling sounds she makes in her dish. Those are the best! Oh, and take care a me. I sick.

    Chris- That would be great, but, sadly, Alice is infertile. I’ll have to ask her but I think she’d be willing to guest blog for you. She does this great trick where she “helps mommy clean out the cat box.” Let me know. We’ll set something up. Call me!

  2. Poor puppy are your owners torturing you again for their own amusement. Alice I really feel you are entitled to some sort of revenge for this one. I think you should patiently wait for the best opportunity to strike. I am sure you will find that moment and have your revenge.

  3. Hi, I actually stumbled on your website after surfing youtube dog videos! I have a Schnauzer too (actually I have three of them) and I love them all to death! I had a quick look around your site and you seem pretty crazy–but in a good way! 🙂


  4. when did the greyhound go into the library? that must have just happened because i didn’t see that earlier…

    as to why he made a bee-line to the back room: maybe he smells tequilla’s dog shit on you.

  5. Alice is cute! No kidding about the greyhound; he just walked in and tried to get a library card. Imagine!
    It really does seem like dogs are the theme of the week for you. Do you want me to come hump your leg, just to keep the theme going?

  6. Jim- She likes to go through the trash. She has her revenge every time I leave the house. It’s MY turn!

    Susan-Hi! Thanks for visiting! I’m not crazy and neither am I. Neither one of us knows what song that is. Sorry. I’m sorry too.

    Neth-why would he smell Tequila’s shit on me? It’s not like I roll around in it. Much.

    Lynne- That would be great! The volunteers are here. I’m sure they’d enjoy seeing you hump my leg. Maybe you could hump Millie’s leg too. So she doesn’t feel left out.

  7. Alice, you cute little puppy dog, I quite enjoyed your post about ice fishing. Very informative video.

    On another note, the other day I was at my sister’s and a pug showed up in her fenced in backyard and I wanted to keep it. BADLY! But then the owner showed up (Boo, hiss) and then I cried.

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