I’m adding the category “best of” to help any new people catch up on the highlights. You know, just in case they come and I’m boring and sucky that day. I don’t want them to think we’ve got a total crap-fest going on here all the time.

I put stuff in there that you seemed to enjoy. Let me know if there’s one you think should be added. I think it all sort of sucks, but that might just be my own self-loathing neurosis. I have no idea.

In other news, someone found my blog this morning by googling “crissy shit.”

Someone else found it by googling “Olestra 2008.”

You write about ONE unfortunate incident in your life and you become known for it forever…

I’m depressed today because of the craptacular weather.  We have snow.  We have rain.  We have slush. We must wear boots. We must wear hats. 

Thanks weather (stupid jerk).

In my panic to leave the house this morning, I grabbed a hat and dashed out to work.  Once there, I removed the hat to discover that it’s my 2 year old’s.     

I am a small headed freak-lady. My hat size is not measured in inches, but in months. As in 18-24 months.  It’s true.

My head isn’t so small that you’d look at me and wonder if I punked off some witch doctor somewhere and he shrunk it, but it’s small enough so that adult size hats eat my head leaving only nose and mouth uncovered, and I look like an bird-faced Olson twin in sunglasses. Only mine aren’t Chanel, they’re Hello Kitty.

Yesterday I bought some child size elastic headband thingys from Target thinking that the Charmeister and I could share them, but they’re too big for me. 

So there you have it.  I’ve revealed the secret of my deformity.  I hope we can still be friends.   Small head, big heart is what I always say. 

(I have cankles too, btw)