Priceless Thursdays

At age 11 packing up and saving my Barbie dolls for the day when I might have a daughter who’d like to play with them: awww….so sweet.

Having that actually happen: something I’ve been dreaming of for 23 years. (GASP)

Watching my husband play Barbies with my daughter: sniffle…made me cry it’s so cute…

Telling him how much it means to me to see them play Barbies together only for him to admit he likes playing Barbies because it’s the closest he’ll ever come to having a realdoll:

Kick me in the crotch and spit in my hair priceless.

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  1. Ashley- I suppose…it’s cute watching them dressing Barbies together, even if he is a perv.

    Neth- Your comment and video were inappropriate. No one wants to see Barbies getting it on.
    Right people?

    Chris- I’ve never actually been kicked in the crotch, but I can imagine it must really smart.

  2. Lynne-Awwww.

    Rach- I did marry the porn king! Shit! And yes the dolls are so gross and creepy. He doesn’t really want one, he just tries to gross me out. I hope.

    Jim- I know.

  3. lol

    team america!

    wired and i were banging our heads trying to remember the name of that movie…

    …and i probably wouldnt mind seeing 2 barbies getting it on…

  4. Aznman- I’m sure he’d love to show you.

    Neth- Baby, you’re the greatest! You know all the right things to say. I bought her a new Barbie today. It’s underwear is painted on. Sorry. Tough luck.

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