Priceless Thursdays

Going through old photos looking for a dorky picture of myself to share with the internetatrons: A somewhat painful trip down Memory Lane.

I swear I was tempted to blackmail myself a few times, but that would have gone nowhere.


Finding pictures and realizing that my thing for the paisans didn’t start with Tony Soprano at all, but in high school with 1st ever boyfriend Tommy Delfino instead:


2008-03-19 09-38-31-0047.jpg

Awwwww…so cute.  I was such a little Puttana for that boy. I so almost lost my virginity that night!

2008-03-19 09-40-23-0049.jpg

Could I have chosen some larger flowers maybe?  And that dress…ugh! Joan Rivers would have a fucking field day! I mean, is it Halloween or prom? Seriously. 

Anywho, 2 years later we broke up because he had a goomah like any good Italian boy did. But I wasn’t an Italian girl, so I didn’t have to put up with that bullshit.

OMFG! and his family?

Mobbed. Up.

Sshhhh! You don’t want me to get whacked do ya?

And you know I wore red for St. Joseph’s day yesterday, right?

And then I got naked and rolled around in Zeppole.

Don’t tell anyone.

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  1. Ashley-He SO WAS the mobster type! He hung around with a bunch of other guys with the same sort of, ahem, family ties as his.

    Neth-Last I heard, he was married to the most lovely, ethereal and brilliant girl named Amy. I actually really liked her in HS. AND, this is so disappointing, I heard he became an accountant. So much for the mob, huh? It would have given me SO MUCH street cred if I could say I used to date a wise guy.

    Jim-Actually, he said “WAIT! I forgot my spoon!”

  2. I get that a lot. I laughed as I read your comment. My girlfriend looked at me with an expression that said WTF. I frequently illicit that expression on her face with the myriad of confusing things I say and do. I like cheese.

  3. i actually tried to look for him yesterday but i came up with nothing interesting

    maybe he changed his name and went into the witness protection program!

  4. NETH!!!! THAT IS SOOOO HER!!! She’s lovely isn’t she? She was always such a nice person. I hope Paisan’s mother is decent to her. And I hope Paisan can manage to keep his dick out of, oh, I don’t know, everyone.

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