1. ahem…I don’t mean to be rude (Simon Cowell style), but I think you should be more afraid of the short bus pulling up to the house instead of the po-lice.

    JK! Love ya!

  2. i think this is a very salient commentary on the hectic, fast-paced rat-race we all find ourselves in, driving us beyond the point of total and utter exhaustion, and — ultimately — to collapse.

    also, you have nice buns.

  3. First, I absolutely LOVE the combo of the black shirt, green (?) shorts and purple socks. Fab. I think you should wear that outfit to work. Secondly, I’m still jealous that you have a tiara and I don’t. Last, does your daughter watch this shenanigans?

  4. Rach-I can teach the short bus a few things. Bring it on.

    Neth-That was exactly the point I was trying to make in this piece.

    Lynne-You can borrow my tiara any time you want. The kid is in bed during lunatic time because she’s always getting in my way and spoiling my mojo.

  5. wow!

    that was scary!

    im calling butler hospital now…

    dont be alarmed if you see 2 muscular gentlemen come knocking on your door asking if you’d like to try on a jacket with very long sleeves…

    p.s. charlotte is in HUGE trouble if she is anything like her parents!

    p.p.s. you have nice buns…

  6. OMG. Just OMG. I am now a frequent visitor to crissyspage.com. My husband will love this. He’ll think I’m normal now. : )

    Ps. you have nice buns.

  7. Aznman-I understand how you could find my sexiness intimidating and yes, a little scary. It’s a burden I must bear.

    Subie-My husband thinks I’m normal. What do you think that says about him?

    Ps: I do have nice buns

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