Priceless Thursdays

Portable DVD player given to me by generous step-mom for purpose of entertaining child in places where DVD players don’t exist: FREE!!!

All grandparental babysitters sick in the same week leaving me with no childcare whatsoever: bummer

Having a boss that is cool enough to let me bring my kid to work and plop her in front of above DVD player: Priceless!!


So this one was lame. I agree.  I can’t be funny all the time! 

Just think of something else that’s funny and laugh at that instead. 


Happy Thursday everyone! 

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  1. you’re always funny….

    funny looking!

    ok not so funny but i just wanted to act like i was 10 again

    like i dont act like a kid at work every day…

  2. aznman- Yes, and then certain people don’t know when to call it quits and take the silliness home to their wives. It’s charming. NOT

    Neth-I know, right? And you know how much I detest sappy!

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